What Goes Where

Adult Specialist Clinics

Allied Health – Specialist Clinics

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Chronic Dialysis

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Community Services

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – District Nursing & HITH

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Inpatient Wards

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Maternity

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Oncology

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – SCN

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Specialist Clinics

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Theatres

Bacchus Marsh and Melton – Urgent Care

Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Care Coordinators

Community Nursing

Community Nursing Service District

Drug Health Services

Footscray & Sunshine – Acute Dialysis

Footscray & Sunshine – Cath Lab

Footscray & Sunshine – Coronary Care

Footscray & Sunshine – HITH

Footscray & Sunshine – Intensive Care Unit

Footscray & Sunshine – MADU

Footscray & Sunshine – Preadmission Clinic

Footscray & Sunshine – Rapid Allied Health

Footscray & Sunshine – Transit Lounge

Footscray, Sunshine and Williamstown – Emergency Department

Footscray, Sunshine and Williamstown – Inpatient Allied Health and Care Coordinator

Footscray, Sunshine & Williamstown – Radiology

Footscray, Sunshine & Williamstown – Inpatient Wards

Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown & Sunbury Dialysis- Chronic

Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown & Sunbury – PACU

Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown & Sunbury – Non-Inpatient Referrals

Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown & Sunbury – Theatre & DPU

Footscray 2 West – Aged Care and Assessment Service

Footscray 2 West – Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service

GEM @ Home


Home Therapy Services

Justice Health

Mental Health – Acute Inpatient and Residential Units

Mental Health – Community Teams

Mental Health – ECT Team

Mental Health – Perinatal & CAPS (Outpatient)

Mental Health – Sunshine and Footscray Emergency Mental Health (EMH) Clinicians

Nursing and Medical @ Home

Pathology (Dorevitch) – Footscray, Sunshine & Williamstown


Sunbury Day Oncology Unit

Sunshine – Integrated Care Hub 1F – Community Clinics

Sunshine – Integrated Care Hub 1F – Specialist Clinics

Sunshine 1E CDU

Sunshine 2E

Sunshine Radiotherapy Centre (SHRTC)

Sunshine JKWC – Adult and Paediatric Outpatient Clinics

Sunshine JKWC – Antenatal and Postnatal Maternal

Sunshine JKWC – Birthing Suite

Sunshine JKWC – Children’s Ward

Sunshine JKWC – Gynaecology

Sunshine JKWC – MAC

Sunshine JKWC – Maternity at Home (incl. MGP) and SCN HITH

Sunshine JKWC – Newborn Services

Sunshine JKWC – Postnatal – Neonatal – Newly born and Readmit

Sunshine JKWC – Women’s Clinics incl. Diamond, MFM, MGP and community clinics

Williamstown – Transition Care Program