EMR Training and Practicing

What EMR training do I need to complete?

All staff requiring access to the EMR can complete their online learning via WeLearn. Follow these simple steps to get started: 

  1. Login to WeLearn 
  2. Search EMR Training Hub
  3.  Click on Training Pathways
  4. From the menu, select your discipline, and then your area, before completing the required lessons


Note: some areas may also need to complete an existing functionality course.

The WeLearn package does not need to be completed in the one session. You can save your progress and return to it later. Once all relevant modules are completed, make sure the Final Acknowledgement box is ticked to record your achievement. 

Accessing the EMR practice environment

Practicing what has been learnt in training is immensely important to help further increase understanding. You can access the EMR practice environment via the EMR Super Users for your area Each Super User received an EMR practice environment login as they completed their training and have been encouraged to share this with their colleagues. 

Further information on accessing the EMR Practice Environment is available here.

This practice environment is not linked to the EMR system that is used in everyday work, and the patients in the practice environment are test ones, not real. The system is refreshed every night so the test patients are re-set for more practice the next day. 

The practice environment is a simulated EMR environment and may look slightly different and contain less patient information compared to the real EMR environment 


EMR training queries

Please contact the Digital Health Team: WHS-EMRTrainers@wh.org.au