WoWs and other devices

For any queries regarding Workstations on Wheels and other devices, not covered by the information below, please email Technology Lead, Digital Health, Emerson Cambaya –

EMR team members, along with the supplier and manufacturer of our WoW batteries, have recently completed a firmware update to WoW batteries across all campuses so that power to a WoW will be cut off if a suspect/faulty battery is identified and the suspect/faulty battery will blink green/purple.

The battery should be removed from circulation and kept by the NUM, MUM, Manager who will log a job with the Western Health Service Desk to arrange a replacement battery.

On removal/replacement of the battery, the WoW will regain power.

The below table highlights when a suspect/faulty battery is present.

Please log a job with the Western Health Service Desk to arrange a replacement battery:

Urgent Requests

Contact: (03) 8345 6777

Non-Urgent Requests



Memo – new guidance on WOW battery care – 26th March 2019



WoW battery care

Please see the Western Health document –  WoW battery care

Top five tips for Onyx battery care – Peacock Bros  WoW battery care factsheet.

The following process has been developed to provide a solution for WOWs which breakdown after-hours.

WOW After-hours Replacement Process

Please see below. For further information please see the Upower specifications document

Battery LED Indicator
Blue Lighting Full Charge (AC mode)
Blue Flashing Charging (AC mode)
Green Lighting Capacity 16%-100% (Battery mode)
Orange Lighting Capacity 8%-15% (Battery mode)
Purple Lighting Capacity 0%-7% (Battery mode)
Green-Purple Flashing Charging error

Press the push button on the battery as shown below.

WoW Battery Capacity

The battery LED indicator table is shown below. For further information please see the Battery specifications document.

Battery LED Indicator
One LED Flashing Capacity 0%-5% capacity
One LED Lighting Capacity 5%-20% capacity
Two LED Lighting Capacity 20%-40% capacity
Three LED Lighting Capacity 40%-60% capacity
Four LED Lighting Capacity 60%-80% capacity
Five LED Lighting Capacity 80%-100% capacity


Charging time 3hrs for 90%; 3.5hrs for 100% (with UPower Pro-series)