Telehealth and Virtual Care

Western Health is now offering Telehealth video call capability, through the Healthdirect platform, for a selection of our clinics and services.

A Telehealth video call consultation is just like any other consultation at Western Health, except the patient will be speaking to their healthcare professional on a video screen, rather than face-to-face in the hospital or via the telephone.

The launch of Telehealth at Western Health is part our COVID-19 response. It improves patient and clinician access to our clinics and services and will continue when the pandemic is over.


Logging in to the Healthdirect Website

If you are a clinician or administrative staff member logging into Healthdirect to conduct a Telehealth consultation please click on the following link:


Current Telehealth video call enabled clinics and services at Western Health

If you are a clinician or administrative staff member that requires access to one of these clinics, please contact the clinic administrator.  Please click the following link for access to the current Telehealth  Administrators list – Telehealth Administrators 19 10 2020


Western Health Telehealth Website

This dedicated Telehealth website contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the links to all Western Health Telehealth video call enabled clinics and services.

Providing the following website link to your patients will assist them to access their Telehealth appointment:


Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria guidance for supporting difficult conversations on virtual platforms

It can be challenging for both healthcare workers and consumers when difficult news or decisions must be made using virtual options such as phone and video.

Aimed at carers and family members, this new guidance includes practical hints and tips for before, during and after virtual communication. Content is based on lessons learnt from consumers, families and healthcare workers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The new guidance is available on the DHHS website –

Patient Stories

Click on the image for a Telehealth patient story


Resources to help you run your Telehealth clinic

Healthdirect QRG –  How to use HealthDirect – Basic Steps

Healthdirect QRG – How to use healthdirect – Clinician only workflow

Healthdirect QRG – Support, BCP and FAQ

Quick Reference Guide – Telehealth & Telephone Consultation iPM Appointment Status

Patient Communication Scripts – for Departments Conducting Telehealth Video Consultations

AHPRA FAQ –Telehealth Guidance for Practitioners


Voice Care for Telehealth Clinicians

PRINTABLE GUIDE – Voice Care for Telehealth Clinicians

VIDEO – Voice Care for Telehealth Clinicians


Installing a Telehealth compliant browser

The Healthdirect website is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

If you only have Internet Explorer as a browser on your computer, you need to have an alternate browser installed on your computer to access Healthdirect.

To do this you will need to log a job with the Western Health Service Desk via the following means:

Cherwell –

Email –

Telephone – 03 8345 6777​

Please clearly state the asset number/s of your computer and that this is Telehealth related in your request. Please see example message below:

Hi Team,

Can you install a Telehealth compatible browser on the following assets please?



This is a Telehealth related request.

Once you have logged a request with the Service Desk, DTS Operations staff will contact you to organise a time to install a new Telehealth compliant browser, verify and validate that the browser witll work with the Healthdirect webist and then close the incident.

Additional information and assistance from Healthdirect

Healthdirect – Video Call

Healthdirect – What you need to make a Video Call

Healthdirect – Troubleshooting: Issues during a Video Call

Healthdirect – Adding and managing team members:​

Healthdirect – Waiting room configuration including changing waiting room hours:

Healthdirect – Web browser requirements:

​For more training resources and assistance in using the Healthdirect platform​


Contact Us​

Are you interested in setting up your Western Health clinic or service with Telehealth Video Call? Or would you like further information?

Please email us and we’ll get in touch:​