Key Contacts for the Digital Health Team

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Project Delivery Office

Lily Liu

Director, Digital Health (EMR Phase 2 Program Director)

Richard Farrow

Senior Project and Testing Manager

Mahmoud Khaled

Senior Project Manager - Capital Infrastructure

Emma Wilson

Reporting Lead, Digital Health

Brett Crouch

Senior Project Manager, Digital Health

Samantha Young

Implementation Manager, Digital Health

Sam Young

Informatics Officers

Kate Renzenbrink

Director of Nursing and Midwifery Informatics (Chief Nursing and Midwifery Informatics Officer)

Ann Boo

Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer - Digital Applications

Kylee Ross

Assistant Chief Nursing and Midwifery Informatics Officer

Kylee Ross

Alison Qvist

Allied Health Informatics Advisor (Chief Allied Health Informatics Officer)

Alison Qvist

Stephanie Cox

Pharmacy Informatics Advisor (Chief Pharmacy Informatics Officer) (Acting)

Communications, Change and Training

Nicky Cooper

Communications Manager, Digital Health

Nicky Cooper

Barbara Lennon

Learning and Development Manager, Digital Health

Emma Steele

Change Manager (Acting), Digital Health

EMR Phase 2 Project Stream Managers

Kyrin Sandles

Project Manager - Emergency, Medicine and Access

Paul Hampson

Project Manager - ICU and Critical Care, and Perioperative and Anaesthesia

Emily Sanders

Project Manager - Specialist Clinics

Emily Sanders

Diana Tran

Project Manager (Acting) - Cancer Services

Danika Janus

Project Manager - Women's and Children's

Digital Health Technology Team

Ken Atwell

Technology Manager, Digital Health

Emerson Cambaya

Technology Lead, Digital Health

Emerson Cambaya

Digital Health Operations Team

Andrew May

Operations Manager, Digital Health

Andrew May

Mark Bailey

EMR Orders, Results and Data Management Lead, Digital Health

Herman Phuong

Functional Team Lead, Digital Health

Danny Lay

Medication Management Lead, Digital Health

Min Goh

Clinical Workflow Lead, Digital Health

Min Goh