The Digital Health team works with other teams across Western Health to support many applications and systems.

The first point of contact for all information, technology and clinical application issues and queries is the DTS Service Desk at:

Phone:  ext 56777 / 03 8345 6777


Digital Health Applications

The applications managed by the Digital Health team include:

  • BOSSnet / Pulsenet
  • EMR
    • PowerChart
    • Surginet
    • Surginet Anaesthesia
    • Firstnet
    • DA2
  • Healthdirect (Telehealth)
  • Phillips CTG
  • Scheduling Appointment Book / PM Office
  • Device Integration
    • Fetalink
    • PowerChart Touch
    • Downtime viewers
    • GE Gateway
    • Bedside Medical Device Integration (BMDI)

EMR Support

If you have an EMR query, please seek out the following supports:

  1. Refer to the Digital Health information site for Quick Reference Guides
  2. Seek out an EMR Super User in your area  – while the EMR Super Users are now undertaking their usual workloads, they remain the integral ‘Go-To’ support people
  3. Contact the Western Health Service Desk

Note – the dedicated EMR support line has now concluded and EMR support calls have returned to going through to the main Service Desk.  Service Desk hours are 7am-10pm weekdays and 7am-4pm weekends and Public Holidays.

Phone:  ext 56777 / 03 8345 6777


Self Service Portal:

Please remember the EMR Phase 2.1 online learning packages remain available on WeLearn.  A package can also be completed a second time, or more, to further enhance understanding.


EMR Change Requests

To request a change to the EMR, please visit the EMR Change/Development Request site.

You can keep up to date of EMR changes by visiting the EMR updates page.

EMR Encounter Issues

If you believe there is an encounter issue within a patient’s visit, such as an incorrectly closed encounter, duplicate encounter or open encounter that should be closed, please report this for investigation by following the instructions on this page:


General queries for the Digital Health Team

If you have a general query for the Digital Health team, you can contact them via email at but please note this is not a suitable avenue for seeking urgent assistance as it is not monitored 24/7.