EMR support

How to seek help on EMR

1.  This Digital Health information site continues to be the central information resource to support use of the EMR.  Please check this site as there may be a suitable Quick Reference Guide

2.  You may also seek advice from your EMR Super Users

3.  If further escalation is required, please contact the WH Service Desk as detailed below.


The WH Service Desk hours are;

Monday to Friday:   7:00AM to 10:00PM

Saturday & Sunday: 7:00AM to 4:00PM


During these operating hours for all ICT and/or EMR queries you may contact the Service Desk by either;

Ph: 8345 6777

Email:   servicedesk@wh.org.au

Portal:   http://servicedesk.wh.org.au


Any major issues which occur outside these operating hours will continue to be directed to the After Hours Administrators as per the current on-call process:

That process is as follows:

Contact the WH Service Desk on 8345 6777.

A recorded message will prompt you to press a number corresponding to the WH site at which you are located.

This will connect you with the After Hours Administrator at that site to request permission to contact the ICT staff member who is on-call.


General query for the Digital Health Team

If you have a general query for the Digital Health team, you can contact them via email at digitalhealth@wh.org.au but please note this is not a suitable avenue for seeking urgent assistance as it is not monitored 24/7.


EMR Encounter Issues

If you believe there is an encounter issue within a patient’s visit, such as an incorrectly closed encounter, duplicate encounter or open encounter that should be closed, please report this for investigation by following the instructions on this page: