EMR support

EMR support

If you have an EMR query, please seek out the following supports:

  1. Refer to the Digital Health information site for Quick Reference Guides
  2. Seek out an EMR Super User in your area  – while the EMR Super Users are now undertaking their usual workloads, they remain the integral ‘Go-To’ support people
  3. Contact the Western Health Service Desk

Note – the dedicated EMR support line has now concluded and EMR support calls have returned to going through to the main Service Desk.  Service Desk hours are 7am-10pm weekdays and 7am-4pm weekends and Public Holidays.

Phone:  ext 56777

Email:    servicedesk@wh.org.au

Self Service Portal: servicedesk.wh.org.au


Please remember the EMR Phase 2.1 online learning packages remain available on WeLearn.  A package can also be completed a second time, or more, to further enhance understanding.


General query for the Digital Health Team

If you have a general query for the Digital Health team, you can contact them via email at digitalhealth@wh.org.au but please note this is not a suitable avenue for seeking urgent assistance as it is not monitored 24/7.


EMR Encounter Issues

If you believe there is an encounter issue within a patient’s visit, such as an incorrectly closed encounter, duplicate encounter or open encounter that should be closed, please report this for investigation by following the instructions on this page: