EMR Phase 2.1 Key Messages

The EMR Phase 2.1 Key Messages will help staff to learn more about EMR Phase 2.1 and become familiar with some of the key changes prior to the July 2023 Go-Live

The Nursing & Midwifery Top 10 and Key Messages for Medical Officers, Allied Health and Pharmacy are being released each week in the build up to Go-Live, while ED Clerical workflow posters have also been released.

Look out for the posters on a wall in your work area, in your inbox or click the links below to view.

Nursing and Midwifery Top 10

No. 10 – Introduction to EMR Phase 2.1

No. 9 – Allergies and Alerts – Remember the EMR is the Source of Truth

No. 8 – Point of Care Specimen Collection

No. 7 – Valuables and Belongings

No. 6 – Admit and Manage mPages

No. 5 – Passport to Surgery

No.4 – Welcome to Tracking Boards

No.3 – Enteral Nutrition

No.2 – Device Integration

No.1 – Devices – keeping patients and staff safe


Medical Officer Key Messages

No. 10 – Introduction to EMR Phase 2.1

No. 9 – How to complete an Outpatient Referral in the EMR

No. 8 – Welcome to Tracking Boards

No. 7 – Key changes coming with EMR Phase 2.1

No.6 – New Documentation in the EMR

No.5 – Introducing Ambulatory Organiser

No.4 – Patient Friendly Visit Summary

No.3 – Camera Capture is coming to Western Health

No.2 – New Observation Charts coming to EMR

No.1 – How to view patients in the Emergency Department


Allied Health Key Messages

No.7 – Introduction to EMR Phase 2.1

No.6 – Referral to Allied Health Specialist Clinics and Community

No. 5 – Allied Health Specialists Clinics and Community Documentation

No.4 – Scheduling Allied Health Specialist Clinics Appointments

No.3 – Message Centre

No.2 – Enteral Nutrition

No.1 – ED and ICU workflows are now in the EMR


Pharmacy Key Messages

No. 6 – Introduction to EMR Phase 2.1

No.5 – Patient Medication Orders

No.4 – Clinical Documentation – what’s changing with EMR Phase 2.1

No.3 – Future Orders

No.2 – Future Order Verification

No.1 – Welcome to Tracking Boards


Emergency Department Clerical Workflows

Patient Journey through the ED

ED to Inpatient workflow

ED to Short Stay Unit workflow

ED to BAU/HUB workflow

HITH patient presentation to ED workflow

Patient deceased in ED workflow