May 29, 2023

EMR Super User News – May edition

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  • Super User classroom training sessions will finish at the end of this week – thank you and well done to those who attended training. Please note that only Super Users who have completed Super User training will be able to provide Super User support during the Go-Live period. 
  • The May Super User update session will be held on Wednesday, 31st of May. You can catch up on previous session recordings on the Digital Health Presentations page (password is emrphase2).  
  • We need your help to encourage your colleagues to complete their EMR WeLearn training modules – please help us spread the word! Visit the Digital Health Training Page for more information. 
  • A CEO EMR Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday 7th June from 2-3pm. Joining CEO Russell Harrison will be Chief Operating Officer John Ferraro and EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live Operational Lead Anthony O’Donnell. Digital Health team members will also be available to answer questions. 

  • Super User Go-Live Launch Events – Come say hello and grab a treat!

    Go-Live Launch Events will take place at Western Health’s four EMR Phase 2.1 sites on the following dates: 


    Footscray Hospital  Williamstown  




    Sunbury Day Hospital
    13th June


    2PM – 3PM

    14th June


    2PM – 3PM

    15th June


    2PM – 3PM

    16th June


    2PM – 3PM

    FH Auditorium WTN Education Centre WCHRE Auditorium Seminar Room

    Go-Live Launch Events are an opportunity for the Digital Health team and Western Health leadership to acknowledge the significance of Super Users to the EMR Phase 2.1 project, and for us to go through some important pre-Go-Live information. This information will also be provided in writing for those who can’t attend in person.  

    We will also have the blue polo tops for supernumerary Super Users to pick up at the events (polo tops for supernumerary Super Users who cannot attend in person will be distributed to their Venues of Care). EMR Super User badges will also be delivered to each Venue of Care.  

    We would love to see you there – please come along, grab your polo top (if you are a supernumerary Super User) and a small treat and say hello to our team! 

    EMR Go-Live Schedule

    The wait is over!  

    The official Go-Live schedule has now been released. Please click here to find out more. 


    EMR Practice Environment

    For Super Users who have completed training, we ask that you please spend time practicing your newly learnt skills in the EMR Practice Environment, and that you help your colleagues to log in and practice too. Explaining the new workflows to others is a great way to consolidate your own learnings and make sure the whole team is ready for the Go-Live in July. 

    Please remember the following points while using EMR Practice Environment: 

    • Only practice with your assigned patients – if you use other patients in the system, it may disrupt Super User training for other staff 
    • The EMR Practice Environment is not linked to the EMR system and the patients in the Practice Environment are not real patients  
    • The system is refreshed and reset every night for more practice the next day 
    • The practice environment is a simulated EMR environment and may look slightly different and contain less patient information compared to the real EMR environment 
    • Your non-Super User colleagues will be relying on you to help them log in to the practice environment and practice the new workflows 
    • If you notice that your colleagues are struggling with the new workflows, remind them that they can book into one of the face-to-face classroom training sessions (after they discuss with their manager) which will run from 5th June to 30th June. Bookings for this classroom training can be made by searching ‘EMR Face to Face Training’ in WeLearn. Sessions will be held at the Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown and Sunbury sites 


    Go-Live Preparation – Get Familiar with Slack

    Slack, Western Health’s internal messaging platform, will be our primary method of communication during the Go-Live period. We will use Slack to stay connected, share information and work as a team across all Go-Live locations.  

    So that you are ready to use Slack during Go-Live, we encourage you to download the Slack application on your phone (your own or one provided by Western Health) or familiarise yourself with how to access Slack on a PC. Please refer to this Quick Reference Guide for Slack for instructions on how to download Slack to your preferred device.  


    Coming Up!

    A Special pre-Go-Live edition – everything you need to know! 


    The Digital Health information site is a treasure trove of great resources to get you up to speed on what’s coming with the EMR Phase 2.1 implementation 

    • The vision, timeline and scope page is great for an overview of the vision for our digital transformation and what is planned for EMR Phase 2.1 and future phases 
    • The Glossary page has been updated with EMR Phase 2.1 terms 
    • Stream-specific pages have been updated to provide detailed information on what is changing for staff who work in those areas 
    • The Presentation page contains a wide variety of content (videos and slides) from all our project streams, including workflow recordings, patient journey presentations and monthly Digital Health update slides.  


    Questions about the Super User program?  Contact Arshpreet Dahiya (EMR Super User Lead):  

    Questions regarding EMR Phase 2.1 Training? Contact the Digital Health Learning & Development Team: 



Page last updated: 29 May 2023