May 23, 2023

EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live schedule

It is now just under 7 weeks until we commence the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Phase 2.1 Go-Live at the Williamstown, Sunbury, Footscray and Sunshine Hospitals.

This is a significant expansion of our EMR and we continue to remain committed to supporting all staff through this change. It is vital that staff are ready to use the expanded EMR so please ensure you complete online WeLearn training, attend an in-person training session in June if you need further support, and practice in the EMR practice environment.

Please be reassured that there will be several levels of support for you and your team before, during and after the Go-Live period as outlined below in this bulletin. In addition the Operations Directorate leadership team are in the process of reviewing planned activity to support the Go Live period.

The Operations Directorate leadership team have also undertaken consultation with clinical areas who have agreed on a staggered Go-Live schedule that suits the particular needs of each area and the organisation as a whole. With this in mind, I would like to advise that the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live will proceed as follows:

Sunday 9th July

Williamstown Hospital Emergency Department

Tuesday 11th July

Footscray Hospital Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit

Wednesday 12th July

Footscray, Sunshine, including Joan Kirner Women’s & Children’s, and Williamstown Hospital Theatres

Thursday 13th July

Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit

Monday 17th July

All EMR sites – Specialist Clinics including Community Services

Sunshine Hospital Oncology

Sunbury Day Hospital Theatre

Joan Kirner Women’s & Children’s MAC, Birthing, Newborn Services, Inpatients and Antenatal

Wednesday 19th July

Sunbury Day Hospital Oncology


Areas already using the EMR from Phase 1 will also have access to new EMR functionality from the start of the Go-Live period. Please note that the above schedule may need to be adjusted to meet organisational requirements as we approach the Go Live date.



Dedicated Go-Live support will include:

  • 24/7 Go-Live Support Team – this support team, comprising EMR Super Users and Digital Health Team members, will be visible in their blue polo tops in all areas where the EMR enhancement is taking place. This includes the EMR Phase 2.1 key clinical areas, as well as the areas who commenced using the EMR from EMR Phase 1 who will have access to new EMR functionality
  • 24/7 dedicated EMR support line will be available via the Service Desk
  • EMR Transition Team – will assist in the areas requiring transition of clinical patient information into the EMR on the day that the area goes live
  • Quality and Safety Team – to support the identification of any clinical safety or quality issues
  • Patient Communication Team – will provide information, in a range of languages, to patients in each area going live

In addition, the existing Daily Operating System (DOS) will support the timely escalation and resolution of any issues.  DOS is chaired by the Chief Operating Officer and attended by senior members of the organisation.



A special CEO EMR Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday 7th June from 2-3pm. Joining me to update staff and answer queries will be Chief Operating Officer John Ferraro and EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live Operational Lead Anthony O’Donnell. Digital Health team members will also be available to help answer questions.

Finally, please remember the Digital Health information site is the central source of EMR Phase 2.1 information.  The site includes news and updates, FAQ’s, a glossary and the recently launched EMR Phase 2.1 Nursing & Midwifery and Medical Key Messages poster series. Key messages for Pharmacy, Allied Health and ED Clerical will be launched shortly.

On behalf of the Western Health Executive, I would like to thank you for your work to date in supporting the EMR Phase 2.1 readiness. I look forward to your continued active contribution as we prepare for a safe and successful implementation.

Page last updated: 23 May 2023