July 14, 2023

EMR Super User Newsletter

Welcome to a special mini edition of the EMR Super User Newsletter – a Go-Live update!  

The EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live is now gaining momentum, with all Emergency Departments, both ICUs and perioperative areas in Williamstown, Footscray and Sunshine now live in the EMR! We have another big week next week – the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live schedule is available here on the Digital Health information site. 

A huge thanks to all of you for helping to make the transition to the new workflows as smooth as it can be – we have had great feedback from staff and hospital leadership that having so many Super Users is making them feel very supported 

A few key things to remember as we progress further into the Go-Live: 

  • Supernumerary Super Users must have access to Slack – it is our primary method of communication during Go-Live. The easiest way to keep up to date is to access Slack via your mobile phone, but you can also access via PC, laptop or WoW. Please use this Quick Reference Guide on how to set up Slack 
  • On-site support huddles are held in the EMR homerooms at 7am, 1pm, 7pm and 9pm. Please attend the huddle in person if your shift starts at one of these times. If your shift starts at a different time, check in via Slack and read the key messages from the preceding huddle 
  • While you’re in the EMR homeroom please grab a complimentary coffee voucher and a snack! 
  • Please use Slack as an avenue to seek immediate help or escalate an issue. Include location, username if the user has issues, URs, and also please log a job via the servicedesk@wh.org.au and include the ticket (Cherwell) number you receive in the post. You can add screen shots to help, but please no patient identifiers apart from UR 
  • Anyone who is rostered to supernumerary shifts but does not yet have a blue polo top, please get in touch with Arsh (Super User Lead) via the email below or Slack 

If you haven’t already done so, please read the Super User Go-Live Guide. 

Questions? Contact: Arshpreet Dahiya (EMR Super User Lead): arshpreet.dahiya@wh.org.au  

See below for Super User Go-Live photos!

Page last updated: 14 July 2023