June 14, 2023

EMR Super User News – June edition

  • Our final Super User update before the EMR Go-Live will be held on Wednesday, 28th June from 2 – 2:30pm. You can join the webinar by clicking on this link (passcode 186448). You can catch up on previous session recordings on the Digital Health Presentations page (password is emrphase2).  
  • Keep encouraging your colleagues to complete their EMR WeLearn training modules – please help us spread the word! Visit the Digital Health Training Page for more information. 
  • Keep in mind that engaging in regular practice sessions within the EMR Practice Environment is highly valuable for you and your colleagues as you gear up for Go-Live. 
  • The Super User Go-Live Guide will be released soon – it will be sent to you via email and available on the Digital Health Information Site. Please take the time to read it and make sure you know what to expect (and what is expected of you) during Go-Live 

  • Supernumerary Super User shifts

    We are only 12 days away from going live now, so most of you will know if you will be working supernumerary Super User shifts.   

    • Please make sure that you are aware of your roster during the Go-Live period – Supernumerary Super Users will be providing EMR dedicated support to their colleagues and these shifts will be paid by Digital Health. 
    • Please make sure you read the important information regarding Supernumerary Super Users in the Go-Live Guide, coming out soon  


    Supernumerary Polo Tops

    We are currently collating the list of staff who will be rostered to supernumerary shifts and preparing their blue polo tops for delivery to the clinical areas. We will endeavour to deliver the polo tops to each Venue of Care by the end of this week, so please look out for your top if you are going to be working supernumerary shifts.

    Super User Badges

    We will soon be delivering Super User badges to clinical areas for staff to wear during the Go-Live. The Super User badges are for all staff who are not on a dedicated Supernumerary shift, as well as the Supernumerary Super Users who can’t wear blue polo tops (e.g. those working in theatres).

    The badges will be kept in each clinical area for staff to grab when they start their shifts – please remember to return badges at the end of your shift! 

    Go-Live Preparation – Get Familiar with Slack 

    Slack, Western Health’s internal messaging platform, will be our primary method of communication during the Go-Live period. We will use Slack to stay connected, share information and work as a team across all Go-Live locations.  

    So that you are ready to use Slack during Go-Live, we encourage you to download the Slack application on your phone (your own or one provided by Western Health) or familiarise yourself with how to access Slack on a PC. Please enter ‘Slack’ in the Digital Health Quick Reference Guide page to access instructions on to download Slack to your preferred device.  

    Some Super Users who used Slack during previous Go-Lives have reported that their Slack account has been de-activated. If this happens to you, please contact the EMR Super User Lead – arshpreet.dahiya@wh.org.au. 

    Please note that patient identifiable information should not be posted on the Slack communication tool. 


    Questions about the Super User program?  Contact Arshpreet Dahiya (EMR Super User Lead): arshpreet.dahiya@wh.org.au  

    Questions regarding EMR Phase 2.1 Training? Contact the Digital Health Learning & Development Team: whs-emrtrainers@wh.org.au 

Page last updated: 27 June 2023