June 15, 2023

EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live planning update

With the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live commencing on Sunday 9th July at the Williamstown Hospital Emergency Department, a significant amount of preparatory activity is taking place across the Western Health sites currently using the EMR.

The Operations Directorate have conducted considerable engagement with the divisions to see where service reductions can safely occur across services directly impacted by the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live.

Reducing activity will allow staff the extra time to navigate the new workflows and become more proficient, plus will free up the trained Super Users to undertake the dedicated EMR support shifts. Activity reductions will occur in the following areas:

  • Adult Specialists Clinics
  • Women’s & Children’s Clinics
  • Footscray, Sunshine and Williamstown Operating Theatres
  • Chemotherapy Day Unit
  • Footscray and Sunshine ICU

To provide additional support to staff during the Go-Live period, we have asked the divisions to review local meeting schedules for the two weeks post the Go-Live in each area and reschedule or cancel non-essential meetings.

A daily communication framework is in place to manage any issues and support during the Go-Live. EMR Onsite Support and Command Centre Huddles will discuss emerging issues and key messages, confirm support staff numbers, key contacts and ensure a smooth transition between shifts.

In addition, a series of meeting will be held throughout each day for the escalation of any issues and to ensure that Western Health leaders are kept informed. The governance framework outlined below will be supported by the Daily Operating System (DOS) at 9am.

10:00am – EMR Go-Live Bronze Meeting (held every day for three weeks)

Chaired by the Director of Digital Health and attended by the EMR Project Team leadership.


1:00pm – EMR Go-Live Silver Meeting (held weekdays for two weeks)

Chaired by the Chief Operating Officer and attended by the members of the EMR Operational Implementation Committee


3:00pm – EMR Go-Live Gold Meeting (held weekdays until 18th July and then only if required)

Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and attended by the members of the EMR Steering Committee


A reminder the Digital Health information site is the central source of information for the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live.


EMR Phase 2.1 training and practicing

I thank you all for your continued support in preparing for the Go-Live, in particular for completing online training in WeLearn. Thirty-two role specific EMR Phase 2.1 WeLearn training packages have been crafted to provide tailored training to different disciplines and areas. These can all be located in WeLearn’s EMR Training Hub.

From the EMR Training Hub, click on Training Pathways, choose your discipline, choose your area, then select the relevant module.

When you have completed training, please remember to tick the Final Acknowledgement box to ensure your training completion is recorded.

If you are unsure which WeLearn module to complete please contact the Digital Health Training Team – WHS-EMRTrainers@wh.org.au

Once you’ve completed your WeLearn training, practicing is immensely important to help further increase understanding. You have access to the EMR practice environment via the EMR Super Users for your area. Each Super User received an EMR practice environment login as they completed their training and have been encouraged to share this with their colleagues.


EMR Phase 2.1 Change Impact Statement

The EMR Phase 2.1 Change Impact Statement is a high level overview that summarises the rationale for the EMR Phase 2.1 change, the benefits and impacts for staff and the organisation, the consultation that has taken place throughout the project and the plans for supporting staff through the Go-Live.

The document has been provided to the relevant healthcare unions as part of the union consultation process and to divisional leadership.

All staff are invited to read the statement which can be located here (when on this page please go to the Change Impact Assessments folder)

If you have any queries please contact EMR Phase 2.1 Change Manager (acting) Emma Steele – Emme.Steele@wh.org.au

Page last updated: 15 June 2023