February 28, 2023

EMR Super User news – February edition

Welcome to the February edition of the EMR Super User Newsletter – a monthly newsletter to keep you informed about all things Super User.  

Remember that in order to register as a Super User for EMR Phase 2.1, you need to complete this short online form. (Please use Microsoft Edge or Chrome to open this form) 

  • Over 230 of you have now enrolled in Super User training – thank you for being so quick off the mark! For those who haven’t yet enrolled, there are instructions on how to do this in the ‘Super User Training bookings’ section below 
  • Our first Super User and Change Champion update session was held on the 22nd of February – we had great attendance and engagement from our audience. You can view the session recording here. The next session is Wednesday 29th March.  
  • We’ve had lots of questions about which Super User training session to enrol in – please email the EMR training team if you’re not sure: WHS-EMRTrainers@wh.org.au 
  • We now have over 800 Super Users from across the EMR sites! We will continue to work with Western Health Managers and Leadership to ensure that every area and team has Super User support at Go-Live 

  • Super User and Change Champion monthly updates

    Super User and Change Champion monthly updates (via Zoom) will be held on the last Wednesday of the month from 2:00 – 2:30pm. At these sessions, your will hear about: 

    • Training information 
    • Helping your colleagues get ready for Go-Live 
    • Go-Live logistics, including communication 
    • Q&A sessions with Digital Health Leadership 

    You can join the session via this link or look out for the calendar invitation in your inbox. 

    All sessions will be recorded and available on the Digital Health Presentations Page 

    Super User training bookings
    • Super User training commences on Tuesday 11th April and training bookings are now open! To book into training, log into WeLearn and click on the ‘Enrol me’ link at the bottom of the page.   
    • Remember that you need to have completed the online WeLearn lessons for your role before you attend Super User training – EMR Phase 2.1 WeLearn lessons will be available from 3rd April  
    • If you feel you need further support, you can attend a second Super User training session. Please discuss this with your manager before booking into an additional session.   
    • For more information on EMR Phase 2.1 training, please visit the EMR Training Page 
    • If you are not sure which Super User training session you should book, please contact the EMR training team – WHS-EMRTrainers@wh.org.au  

    Get to know the Team

    Emma Steele – EMR Change Manager (acting) 

    Coffee of choice: Magic (but I’ll take whatever the coffee machine in the office spits out) 

    I’m watching/listening to: ‘How other Dads Dad’ podcast with Hamish Blake. I’m not a Dad, but there are some great parenting insights in there. 

    Secret skill: I can play the bagpipes! 

    When I’m not managing change, you’ll find me: playing water polo and hanging with my friends and family. 

    What I love about my job: Being part of Western Health’s largest ever Digital Health project and bringing all Western Health staff on that journey. 



    Get up to speed on EMR Phase 2.1

    The Digital Health Information Site is a treasure trove of great resources to get you up to speed on what’s coming with the EMR Phase 2.1 implementation 

    • The vision, timeline and scope page is great for an overview of the vision for our digital transformation and what is planned for EMR Phase 2.1 and future phases 
    • Stream-specific pages have been updated to provide detailed information on what is changing for staff who work in those areas 
    • The Presentations page contains a wide variety of content (videos and slides) from all of our project streams, including workflow recordings, patient journey presentations and monthly Digital Health update slides.  


    Upcoming editions and contacts
    • What to expect at Super User training 
    • Get to know the Change, Communications and Training teams 
    • What you can do to get ready for Go-Live 

    Questions about the Super User program?  Contact Emma Steele (Acting EMR Change Manager): emma.steele@wh.org.au 

    Questions regarding EMR Phase 2.1 Training? Contact the Digital Health Learning & Development Team: whs-emrtrainers@wh.org.au 

Page last updated: 28 February 2023