Information for Western Health Leaders

All Western Health Leaders play a crucial role in preparing your teams and our organisation for EMR Phase 2.1 by:     

  • Helping staff understand what will change for them when we Go-Live with EMR Phase 2.1 in July 2023      
  • Ensuring you have a sufficient number of EMR Super Users for your area/department     
  • Encouraging your staff to complete the new WeLearn training packages for the EMR Phase 2.1 enhancements. Approximately 6000 staff will need to complete training in the new functionality. 
  • Preparing your area for the coming changes. This might include activities such as setting aside time and space for EMR familiarisation and encouraging staff to use current EMR functionality and reviewing content and articles on the Digital Health information site     

Check back to this page for updated information. We regularly update it with links to materials and the latest information.     

May 2023 

What you need to know: 

  • The EMR Phase 2.1 WeLearn modules are being launched with a staggered approach from 3rd April. Click here for more information on when training for each area will be available. All staff who currently or will be using the EMR will need to complete the module/s relevant to their role and work area prior to Go Live. Learn more about EMR Phase 2.1 training here  and view a special video answering some common queries here 
  • The ‘EMR Phase 2.1 Key Messages’ series for all Nursing and Midwifery staff and Medical Officers will be released each Wednesday from 3rd May leading up to Go-Live. Look out for the new posters each week, or visit the Digital Health information site to view the full series. Key message posters for Pharmacy and Allied Health will commence in late-May 
  • Encourage your team to complete the EMR survey between 1st -12th May to help us prepare for the July Go-Live 
  • Digital Health managers are working with Divisional Directors on Go-Live Readiness Assessments to ensure all implementation targets are being met across the organisation in preparation for the Go-Live. The second of these assessments is due for completion on 11th May 2023, which marks 60 days until the July EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live. You can learn more about the Go Live Readiness Assessments here.  
  • EMR Phase 2.1 Super Users should book in for their face-to-face classroom training session as soon as possible. Super Users must complete their WeLearn training prior to attending their classroom training session. Find out more here.    
  • If you manage a team and would like to discuss your Super User recruitment plan, please contact Emma Steele ( and for further information on the Super User program please visit the EMR Super User Page on the Digital Health Information Site    

What can you do now?  

We understand there are many other priorities right now across Western Health, however, there are a few small things you can do now to help us get ready for Go-Live in July:    

  • Work with your Super Users to get them all booked into Super User training via WeLearn 
  • Once your Super Users have completed their training, support them to run practice sessions with their colleagues in the EMR Practice Environment  
  • Review the following pages on the Digital Health Phase 2.1 information site and share them with your staff:  
    •  Presentations page  – here you will find videos and slides from Digital Health, as well as EMR presentations (please note, this part of the site is password protected. If you need the password, please contact 
    • EMR Training pagecomprehensive information on training for EMR Phase 2.1, how to book Super User classroom training, and how to access further training support 
  • Arrange for someone from Digital Health to present to your team on the upcoming changes. Please contact Acting Change and Implementation Manager Emma on or 0407 248 656  
  • Contact the EMR team if you have questions or suggestions – email or view the Key Contacts page of this site  

Recent memorandums distributed to the Western Health leadership

3rd April 2023 – Planned Electronic Medical Record (EMR) downtime, 26th – 27th April 2023

23rd March 2023 – EMR Phase 2.1 training launches 3rd April

23rd February 2023 – Go-Live Readiness Assessments

14th February 2023 – Opening of EMR Phase 2.1 Super User training

21st December 2022 – EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live

24th November 2022 – EMR Phase 2 Power and Data Audit

22nd November 2022 – EMR Phase 2.1 User Acceptance Testing Update

2nd November 2022 – EMR Phase 2.1 Super User Recruitment