December 21, 2022

EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live

I am pleased to advise that following a successful completion of User Acceptance Testing, the EMR Phase 2.1 design has been finalised and preparations for the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live will now commence.

Phase 2.1 of the Western Health EMR will Go-Live in the month of July 2023.

It is wonderful to be at this point and a testament to the great work of the large number of staff who have contributed their expertise and time to ensure the new EMR modules will enhance our provision of Best Care. The EMR project team and a considerable number of clinical and administrative representatives continued to design, build and validate the enhanced EMR throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What they have created is most exciting and will significantly enhance access to and the quality of healthcare information.

Whether it is reducing the need for double documentation and switching between multiple systems, or improved communication between departments and greater visibility of the patient throughout their care journey, the EMR Phase 2.1 project is a big win for healthcare in the West. We should all be very proud and enthusiastic about what is coming.

The scope of EMR Phase 2.1 is considerable and includes an extension of the EMR to the Emergency Departments of the current EMR sites, Women’s and Children’s and Cancer Services. It will also see the introduction of the EMR into ICU, Specialist Clinics and Perioperative spaces to optimise patient care across the organisation. Please note that due to feedback on the complexities surrounding community services referrals and appointment scheduling, this area will now be implemented as part of the EMR Phase 2.1 optimisation period to ensure the build is tailored to their unique requirements. Clinical documentation in community services will still Go-Live with EMR Phase 2.1 as planned.

Staff involved in User Acceptance Testing recently delivered some fantastic feedback on the new modules and what it will mean for clinicians and administration staff, and you can hear what they had to say here

There is now a significant amount of preparation that needs to be undertaken before July 2023 and many opportunities to become further involved, as well as, to learn more about training and support:

  • EMR Super User recruitment is currently open and I’d encourage all staff to consider joining this crucial team to support the build-up and implementation of EMR Phase 2.1. Find out more here.
  • Training Information Kiosks will be held from 16th – 20th January 2023 and also 6th – 10th February 2023, giving staff a chance to learn more about EMR Phase 2.1 training and general support.
  • Ward Walkarounds will also take place in February 2023 to support staff, promote the upcoming EMR training opportunities, and provide assistance with signing up to WeLearn and Super User training.
  • WeLearn lessons will open in April 2023 for staff to commence their formal education in the new EMR functionality.
  • New devices will continue to be rolled out, Go-Live Readiness Assessments and Technical Dress Rehearsals will commence.

It is a very exciting time to be at Western Health and I’m looking forward to seeing the new EMR in action as we continue to enhance the provision of Best Care to our community.

For the latest EMR Phase 2.1 news please visit the Digital Health information site.

Page last updated: 21 December 2022