February 14, 2023

Special Edition Super User Newsletter

Welcome to a very special edition of the EMR Super User Newsletter! 

It is an exciting time for Super Users, with bookings opening today for Super User training sessions as we continue our build up to the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live in July 2023. 

Super User training will be available over an eight-week period, beginning on Tuesday 11th April 2023. 

As a Super User, you will complete a face-to-face classroom training session of up to 8 hours (depending on discipline) to upskill you in the new EMR Phase 2.1 modules and functionality. 

Please do not book in for a EMR Phase 2.1 Super User training session if you have not already registered as an EMR Phase 2.1 Super User (with your manager’s approval). Further information on becoming an EMR Super User is available here.

Please speak to your manager first, and then book into your EMR Super User training session here. Click on the ‘Enrol me’ link at the bottom of the linked page, and then follow these steps: 

  1. Ensure you complete the WeLearn lessons for your role before attending your face-to-face classroom Super User training session. WeLearn lessons will be available from Monday 3rd April 2023 so please ensure you allow enough time to complete your WeLearn lessons when booking in for your Super User classroom training session
  2. Attend your face-to-face classroom Super User training session on the allocated time, date and location
  3. Use your EMR Super User knowledge to support your colleagues in the build-up to the EMR Phase 2.1 Go Live 

If you feel you need further support, you can attend a second Super User training session. Please discuss this with your manager before booking into an additional session. 

The opening of Super User training bookings is a significant moment for the project, and the Learning and Development team can’t wait to get started with the lessons. 

For any questions on EMR Super User training please contact WHS-EMRTrainers@wh.org.au

We look forward to seeing you in a training session soon! 

  • REMINDER – Last chance to choose Super User polo size

    A number of staff have yet to select a Super User polo size. If this is you, please complete this online form by Friday, 17th February.

    While we will be ordering a range of polo tops in all sizes, if you don’t tell us which size you would like we cannot guarantee that you will receive your preferred size! 

    Upcoming Events
    • The CEO EMR Forum is taking place at 2pm on 15th February 2023. Join the Zoom Webinar to hear an update on the project, what is coming next, and more information on EMR and Super User training  



    • The Ward Walkarounds are taking place this week and next – Click here to find out when the Digital Health team will be in your area 

Page last updated: 17 February 2023