February 12, 2024

Pressure Injury Surveillance – Devices: Coming to the EMR on 21st February, 2024

To help support the documentation of pressure injury surveillance and nursing care provided to patients with devices, a new ‘Devices – Pressure Injury Surveillance’ assessment has been created in IView – Adult Systems Assessment band (appears directly underneath the ‘SKIN ASSESSMENT’ band).

The assessment is also available in the ADULT ICU General IView band, for easy access by ICU Nursing staff.

Nursing staff now have a place to document; splints, collars, braces, slings, prevalon boots, compression therapy and traction in IView.  Each section allows you to document the type, site, pressure injury regime, skin checks and free text comments.

The example below indicates a patient with a splint insitu.

If a patient has one of these devices insitu, pressure injury surveillance should be attended to once per shift or more frequently if required.  This includes completing a thorough skin integrity assessment, checking for pressure injuries and providing hygiene to the affected area.  Assessment findings and care provided should then be documented in a new ‘Devices – Pressure Injury Surveillance’ assessment.

Additionally, the Wound chart has been updated to incorporate a Simple Wound Advisory Flow Chart, to assist in identifying wound types, treatment aims and dressing management.  This has been added as reference text to the ‘Wound Type’ DTA.

For a full list of changes made to the EMR, visit the EMR updates page.

Page last updated: 22 February 2024