Who should I contact for support?

Support will be available from the DTS Service Desk.

Phone: 8345 6777 if:

  • You can’t login to an information system or application
  • You can’t login to a Western health computer at all
  • For a system outage/downtime or other time critical issue

For other issues please use one of the following channels:

Email:   servicedesk@wh.org.au

Portal:   http://servicedesk.wh.org.au


When logging your ticket

Please provide the following details to help the Service Desk team to triage your ticket accurately:

–  Brief description of the issue you are experiencing
–  Screenshot of the issue (if possible)
– Your WH asset number (can be found on the yellow sticker on your workstation)
–  Your WH Username
–  Your best contact number
–  Your exact location

Service Desk ticket example:

“Hi, I was recently migrated to the new Active Directory.

Since my migration I have been experiencing [insert issue description].
– My asset number is [insert WH asset number]
– My username is [username]
– My phone number is [phone number]
– I am located at [location]
Please see the attached screenshot example.”