TRIO Cart Lights

Task lighting is included to enhance cart usability in darkened patient areas. The Trio carts are equipped with ground, keyboard and work surface lights. To operate, touch the desired task lighting button under Lights on the touchscreen.

To use the Standard Configuration Keyboard Light:

  • Touch the Keyboard button under the Lights options
  • Touch the Keyboard button again to turn off the keyboard light
  • The Keyboard button controls the light located below the touch screen
  • The keyboard light is designed to illuminate the keyboard area
  • With the keyboard not extended, the keyboard light will illuminate any open bins and their contents
  • When the Keyboard tray is retracted, the keyboard light will illuminate the floor in front of the cart



  • The Ground button controls lights which are under and to the sides of the base
  • The ground lights illuminate the floor all around the cart (minus the shadow from the casters) to aid in navigating darkened patient areas
  • On the right is an example of the Light buttons displayed with activated lights






  • The Surface Button controls the light located beneath the LCD monitor
  • The work surface light illuminates the work surface area and the inside of the technology try when the work surface is removed

The All button is used to operate all lights simultaneously.

To Customise the Task Lighting

You must be logged in to customise lighting

  1. Touch the Cog button to access the Preferences menu







2. Scroll through the Preferences menu to the Light Intensity settings



3. Modify the task lighting as desired





4. When done, touch the Home button to exit the features menu