TRIO Cart Battery

When a cart is new or has been removed from service for more than 30 days, the bettery may need to be charged. Simply plug the power cord into a functioning wall outlet.

Connect parked or unused WOWs to an electrical outlet so they are operating with an optimum battery level of above 20%

Leaving WoW’s to charge when they reach RED (a battery level of 0-5%)  will significantly reduce the battery life

The battery charge indicator is located to the right on the touchscreen. The indicator displays both a numeric listing and graphic representation of the remaining battery charge.

  • When not plugged in, an estimate of the remaining battery time with the current power drain is provided
  • When plugged in and charging, and estimate of the time remaining until the battery is fully charged is provided
  • When not in use, plug in the cart. This will ensure that the battery is charged when needed

The battery charge indicator will display the charging icon when plugged into a power source

If the battery discharges to a certain level, the cart will prepare to shut down.

When the battery is fully discharged the cart must be plugged in immediately to allow operation.

The TRIO Cart battery will last approximately 14-16 hours when fully charged