Reporting an issue with a cart

The Outbound Messages button is used to send messages from the cart. All messages sent from the cart can also be reviewed.



1.Touch the Who should receive this window to roll down the Recipient menu





2. Touch the desired message recipient







3. Touch the What needs attention window to roll down the available menu

4. Touch the desired message option






5. If it is necessary to add additional information, touch the Optional additional note window to display the on-screen keyboard

6. Type in your comment




To review the message before sending, touch the Back button along the top-left of the touchscreen


7. Touch the Send button to send the message to the management system

The new message will appear at the top of the message list

  1. To access the message list, tap on the last sent message at the bottom of the Messages screen





2. Touch the screen and swipe upward to scroll through the sent messages

3. Touch a  specific message to expand it




4. To exit the message list, or an expanded message, touch the Back button