Nikki Littlewood

Chief Allied Health Informatics Officer

Nikki is an experienced allied health professional with a background in orthopaedic physiotherapy. She has worked in public hospitals in both Scotland and Melbourne, including St Vincent’s, The Alfred and Austin hospitals.

Nikki’s interest in leveraging technology to optimise healthcare began whilst running an advanced practice physiotherapy clinic, where she quickly recognised how the electronic medical record (EMR) could improve workflows and data accuracy. Her focus on enhancing healthcare processes led to her fulfilling various improvement roles, including projects aimed at enhancing access to outpatient clinics and serving as a subject matter expert for physiotherapy during The Alfred’s inpatient EMR roll-out.

In 2020, Nikki led a state-wide initiative to develop the Allied Health Digital Health Capability Framework, laying the foundation to embed and integrate technology into allied health clinical practice.

Nikki transitioned to Western Health’s Digital Health team in 2021, as a Clinical Analyst for Allied Health, leveraging her expertise in streamlining workflows and to empower clinicians to deliver optimal patient care.  Throughout her time supporting Digital Health initiatives she has collaborated and supported allied health in the design, training and implementation of EMR Phase 2.1.

Outside of work, Nikki is a fitness enthusiast, she frequents the gym and loves heading to Japan, to enjoy the powdery slopes on her snowboard, and to enjoy the delicious Japanese food. She can also be found attending Melbourne’s live music and sport events or exploring the eclectic offerings of Aldi’s middle aisle.