I have my own Western Health issued computer – what do I need to do to be migrated?

If you have your own computer it will need to be on-site and connected to the Western Health network via a docking station or data cable a day before and on the day of migration. Please ensure your computer is powered on and connected to power.

The day before migration – all work is behind the scenes, there will be no interruption to access.

On the day of migration – your migration will take place at any point within your scheduled migration window, so please remember to regularly save your work during that time. You will receive an alert 5 minutes prior to the migration and then you will be automatically logged off when the migration commences. You will experience a downtime of between 5 – 20 minutes depending on your device. Please refer to the ‘Expected Downtime’ Quick Reference Guide to determine the expected length of your downtime.

Once your migration has been completed, please follow the 6-step checklist below:

  1. At the login page you will see Sign in to: WHS under the request for your login details.

If you are still seeing the pre-migration view of Sign in to: WHCN, then please restart your computer. If you continue to see WHCN on the login screen, please contact WHS-EMRTechnicalTeam@wh.org.au so the team can check your computer’s migration status.

  1. Confirm you can access shared network drives, i.e. the S Drive
  2. Open Outlook. When prompted for your login details, add WHCN\ before your username i.e. WHCN\zmithz and then your password, click on Remember my credentials and click on OK. This step will only need to be completed this one time
  3. Check your appointments are visible in your calendar. Check you can access emails sent/received prior to the migration and that you can send/receive emails
  4. Check that printers are installed
  5. To access the Western Health intranet, first open Internet Explorer to save your login details in Windows Security iexplore. Enter WHCN\ before your username i.e. WHCN\zmithz and your password.
    Click on Remember my credentials and click on OK.
    Once the Western Health Intranet opens up, you will then be able to open your Microsoft Edge. This step will only need to be completed this one time.


We anticipate that all of the above six items will work as normal post-migration. Please note however that while you should be able to send/receive emails immediately following the migration, the ability to view your historical emails may take up to 2 hours.