How will I be able to practice my skills in the EMR?

Practicing what has been learnt in training will be immensely important to help further increase understanding. You will have access to the EMR practice environment via the EMR Super Users for your area.

Super Users who have completed their online WeLearn and face-to-face classroom training will be emailed a guide to the EMR practice environment. This guide will include a login, training patient details, instructions on accessing and setting up the practice environment, suggested practice activities and a plan for sharing the login with their team.

This practice environment is not linked to the EMR system that is used in everyday work, and the patients in the practice environment are test ones, not real. The system is refreshed every night so the test patients are re-set for more practice the next day.

The practice environment is a simulated EMR environment and may look slightly different and contain less patient information compared to the real EMR environment.

Quick Reference Guide – How to access the EMR Phase 2.1 Practice Environment

Last Modified: Friday, 15th September 2023