EMR Phase 2.1 put to the test

Key clinical and administrative representatives from across the organisation played an active role in important EMR Phase 2.1 testing recently, visiting the specialised testing space at Western Health’s Braybrook Corporate Campus to put the enhanced EMR system through its paces.

This important stage of the EMR Phase 2.1 project involved staff walking through mock patient scenarios in the new EMR modules to ensure they are operating as expected to support the workflows of our clinicians and administration staff when implemented in July 2023. 

As well as performing the important testing requirements, the testing period gave staff a chance to explore the new EMR system and provide feedback to the EMR Phase 2.1 project team: 

I’ve seen nothing but benefits. There are definitely some challenges, but I do think it’s going to be nothing but improvements for the department and the hospital.” Laura Gatti, Emergency Department Nurse 

“I think it will be helpful for communication between clinicians, and with the systems at the moment not able to talk to each other, it will be nice to be able to look and see how the patient flow happens.” – Eleanor Garnys, Allied Health

“The mPage is probably the best thing. We will have everything in the one page that we need, and it’s quite easy to go through, so that’s going to make a big difference to efficiency.” – Dr. Albert Sim, Women’s and Children’s

“The biggest thing we’re excited about is getting to see things in real time… having the information all in one place and everybody on the same system will be the big gain” – Daniel Grabek, Pharmacist

I feel like this new system is going to simplify things, and it potentially will minimise errors for admin. It feels more user friendly.” – Deborah Mead, Clerk 

A short video on this testing event and feedback from a variety of staff is available here. 

The EMR Phase 2.1 project team wish to pass on their immense gratitude to all who contributed their time and expertise to help make this round of testing such a success. 

November 23, 2022

EMR Phase 2.1 put to the test