EMR Phase 2.1 Project Sprints continue

The EMR Phase 2.1 project continues to gather steam, with the project team recently commencing the second of eight five-week Sprints of design, build and validate work, the framework for the new EMR build which will run until March, 2022.

Each Sprint will see the EMR Phase 2.1 project team liaising with experts from across Western Health as well as our colleagues at Cerner to continue to develop our EMR, ensuring that it meets the current and future needs of the organisation.

Sprint 2 sees the project move from the capture of Western Health’s current state processes and future needs, to the review of the design and build of Phase 2.1 for the Western Health EMR.

Acting Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Dr Oliver Daly, said Sprint 2 has started with great anticipation as the EMR continues to take shape.

“We’re now actually building it and we can see the early results of our efforts”, Oliver said.

“The workshops being run over the four weeks of Sprint 2 are a chance for Western Health staff to see the first elements of the newly built EMR, and for them to validate and/or provide feedback, to further refine the design to better fit how we provide care at Western Health.”

Oliver also said while it is still in the early stages of the design and build of the enhanced EMR, the framework for what clinicians will soon be able to utilise was already starting to take shape.

“Effectively what is seen at this stage are the early building blocks of the EMR,” he said.

“As successive Sprints are run, more content and functionality will be built and demonstrated, with increasing integration between these elements to support complete workflows.”

Project Manager for the Emergency Medicine and Access project stream, Kyrin Sandles, said Sprint 2 had seen a number of key developments already for the Emergency Departments, which will see new EMR module FirstNet introduced.

“Sprint 2 has been busy, with a combination of validation sessions for Pre-Arrival, Triage and LaunchPoint, and introduction sessions around AH/ ACE documentation, ED Medical documentation, Nursing iView and Patient Registration,” Kyrin said.

“We are now able to begin to see the build our very own Western Health FirstNet solution which is exciting to see.

“The introduction of FirstNet will change some current workflows in the future, and the Sprint sessions have been well attended and involved great discussions around future workflows and improvements.”

Sprint 2 will continue until late August with Sprint 3, the next series of EMR Phase 2 workshops, to begin in early September.

For more information please visit the EMR Phase 2 page of this site.

EMA Triage Process validation Session
Oncology Ambulatory Order Management Session
Specialist Clinics Ambulatory Organiser Session
August 13, 2021

EMR Phase 2.1 Project Sprints continue