EMR Phase 2.1 Patient Journey demonstrations now available

The EMR Phase 2.1 project team has begun to showcase what the enhanced EMR will bring to Western Health, with five project streams presenting a mock patient journey recently. 

Patient journeys for the Emergency Department, Perioperative and Anaesthesia, ICU and Critical Care, Cancer Services and Specialist Clinics project streams have been shown to key stakeholders to give a brief overview of what will be implemented through the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live in July 2023. 

Each of these sessions share a fairly typical patient scenario for the stream, including the various touchpoints with other clinical areas, and cover most of the disciplines who may be involved in the patient’s care so the system functionality can be seen from various perspectives 

The session recordings are available on the password protected Presentations page of the Digital Health information site. If you do not already have the password for this page, please contact the relevant project manager for each stream: 

Emergency Medicine and Access – Kyrin Sandles, Kyrin.Sandles@wh.org.au 

Perioperative and Anaesthesia – Ashley Sandison, Ashley.Sandison2@wh.org.au 

ICU and Critical Care – Paul Hampson, Paul.Hampson@wh.org.au 

Cancer Services – Diana Tran, Diana.Tran@wh.org.au

Specialist Clinics – Emily Sanders, Emily.Sanders@wh.org.au 

As each session has lasted around two hours the recordings have been divided into a series of short videos. The playlist to the right of the screen lists allows you to go straight to the segment you wish to view, as shown below.

A Patient Journey presentation for the Women’s and Children’s  project stream will also be completed soon, giving staff a full picture of what will be implemented within EMR Phase 2.1. 

October 14, 2022

EMR Phase 2.1 Patient Journey demonstrations now available