May 1, 2023

Calling all RUSONs and RUSOMs – an opportunity to be part of the EMR Go-Live! 

Digital Health is currently recruiting a team of Supernumerary Super Users to assist with the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live in July. This is a great opportunity to enhance your EMR skills and be part of the buzz of Go-Live. 

What is the time commitment? 

To be a Supernumerary Super User, you will need to be available for the following activities: 

  • Complete paid EMR training (up to 2 days) 
  • Be available for at least three Supernumerary Super User shifts per week during the Go-Live period in July in addition to your regular ward RUSON/M shift 

How do I sign up? 

To register your interest, please complete this short online form 

What will this role involve? 

As a supernumerary Super User, you will provide dedicated, in-person support to Western Health staff as they become familiar with new EMR workflows.  

  • Helping staff step through workflows with the aid of Quick Reference Guides 
  • Performing basic trouble-shooting 
  • Assisting staff to access in-person support from the Digital Health team or virtual support via the EMR help desk 
  • Keeping the Digital Health team informed of the situation on the floor 
  • In addition to supporting staff, some supernumerary Super Users will be required before and during Go-Live to transcribe clinical data from paper forms or other electronic systems into the EMR 

This is a non-clinical role – you will not be required to participate in patient care or clinical decision-making  

How will I be supported? 

The supernumerary Super User team will be our people on the floor, the first line of support available to Western Health staff. But for anything you are not sure of or can’t manage yourself, there is a whole team of Digital Health staff ready to help! 

  • We will provide you with training in all EMR workflows you will need to support – you will need to complete WeLearn modules and attend paid Super User training 
  • At the start of your shift, you will attend a huddle to get the latest update on any issues 
  • During your shift, you will be in communication with the Digital Health team, the Super User coordinator and your fellow Super Users via the messaging app Slack 
  • Your key contact is the Super User Lead – Arshpreet Dahiya (  
May 1, 2023

Calling all RUSONs and RUSOMs – an opportunity to be part of the EMR Go-Live!