Basic WoW Troubleshooting



Cart is hard to push Check that the caster locks are in the unlocked (up) position
Check casters for obstructions
Cart is hard to turn Check that ‘N-Stride’ is active
Computer/monitor will not power up Turn the power on to the installed Technology Devices. Tap on the Tools button to access the features menu. Then tap on the Computer Power button
Check that power supply switch is turned on
Check that device power cables are connected
Check that wall outlet has power
Check fuses at the power inlet
Power Supply Does Not Turn On Check power cord
Check that wall outlet has power
Check fuses at cart power inlet
Cart Will Not Power Up Check that power cord is plugged into a working outlet
Check that end of power cord is plugged into the cart power outlet
Check that the power switch is in the on position. Cycle the power switch to the off position for 3 seconds, then back on
After completing the above checks and the cart will not power up, file a service request for maintenance
Computer Does Not Work Properly If cart is functional, but computer will not work, file a service request for maintenance
Manual Lift Mechanism Performance If it is difficult to raise and lower the work surface, the lift mechanism preload may need adjustment. File a Service Desk request with service
Electronic Lift Performance If the electronic lift is stuck in position or is running slowly, it may need calibration. File a service request
Drawers will not open Make sure the battery has greater than 5% charge
Make sure that the Drawers Locked icon is not active and that the Drawers Unlocked (lock button) is active. If necessary re-enter your PIN
If battery does not have sufficient charge, or re-entering the

PIN does not work:

• Use the manual override key to unlock the drawer module

• File a service request with your IT department for service

If there is a secondary lock, 2 PIN codes may be required to unlock the drawers