VTE Risk Assessment Reminder

VTE ordering and risk screening has been enhanced in recent months following the introduction of a simplified Orderset and a clinical risk calculator.

The new Orderset has helped guide Medical Officers through the decision making process for VTE risk assessment.

All admitted patients, or patients discharged from the Emergency Department with reduced mobility aged 16 years and over, require the completion of a VTE Prophylaxis Risk Assessment.

The Risk Calculator will help determine the VTE Risk of your patient as either Low risk (prophylaxis not required), Intermediate risk (either form of prophylaxis required), or High risk (consider both pharmacological and mechanical prophylaxis).

Key Points:
Always check the MAR and check for other anticoagulants before prescribing VTE prophylaxis
– Clinicians are reminded to use the VTE Prophylaxis Risk Dashboard to identify patients on multiple anticoagulants.

To access the dashboard:
1. Select from the navigation bar or select the VTE Risk Assessment Dashboard from any Western Health computer.

2. This will open the browser window.

3. Select the “VTE Risk Assessment” icon to reveal the VTE Risk Assessment dashboard

For further information on documenting VTE Risk Assessment please refer to the following Quick Reference Guide.

June 10, 2021

VTE Risk Assessment Reminder