March 13, 2019

Troponin testing changes and the EMR

Commencing today Dorevitch Pathology is changing its serum Troponin test to a new high sensitivity (hs) Troponin I assay provided by Beckman-Coulter. This assay was released in 2017 in Europe and 2018 in USA and Australia. It has approval from the European Union (CE mark), the FDA and the TGA. Most laboratories are now moving to more sensitive assays that can better measure Troponin at low concentrations.

You will see in the EMR that the old Troponin order is no longer available.  A search for Troponin should direct you to the new high sensitivity order.  See graphic above.

Clinicians may need to update their Favourite Folders if they have favourites that used the old tests.

Clinicians should also be aware that the high sensitivity Troponin is a new test that needs to be interpreted differently to the old Troponin test.


To download more information on this change to practice click here​​

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To download the key questions related to Troponin in the Emergency Department click here

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March 13, 2019

Troponin testing changes and the EMR