July 20, 2019

Medication Administration Wizard training underway

Western Health will soon be expanding medication administration support with the implementation of the EMR Medication Administration Wizard (MAW). 

Use of the MAW involves scanning of the patient wristband to ensure Positive Patient Identification (PPID).  Using PPID ensures that patients receive the right medication at the right time, decreasing the potential rate of medication error and adverse drug events.

MAW training for nurses and midwives runs from 16th July to 1st August 2019 with training to be held at all sites.  Training sessions are just 25 mins in duration and there is no need to book.  Please click here or see below for training dates, times and locations. 

The MAW will be rolled out across all Western Health sites in the following order:  

Williamstown and Hazeldean    5th – 7th August 

Footscray Hospital                    12th – 16th August 

Sunshine Hospital                     19th – 23rd August 

Sunbury Day Hospital               26th – 27th August

The EMR Team will be onsite to provide support during each implementation.


For further information regarding this project please contact Kylee Ross, Clinical Informatics Analyst – Nursing  Kylee.Ross@wh.org.au

For training information please contact Barbara Lennon, EMR Learning & Development Manager Barbara.Lennon@wh.org.au







July 20, 2019

Medication Administration Wizard training underway