In late 2019, Michael had a stroke in his cerebellum which resulted in a severe stutter, headaches, fatigue and balance difficulties.

When COVID-19 struck, Michael initially had to have a break in Speech Pathology therapy, but the launch of Telehealth Video Calls at Community Based Rehabilitation helped him to start attending weekly sessions again.

Michael said the introduction of Telehealth allowed him to continue his therapy from home without placing extra strain on his family and keep his recovery on track.

“Telehealth makes life a bit easier because I can’t drive (since the stroke) and it means I don’t have to pull my wife out of work to drive me to appointments,” he said.

“The staff always made me feel comfortable and I was still able to connect with them this way.”

Thanks to the resumption of therapy through Telehealth appointments, Michael is now feeling more confident to speak with friends and family and to continue making his podcast.

Long beyond COVID-19, Telehealth will continue to be valuable for our patients struggling with transportation, mobility or time. Thank you to all our clinicians and patients for so quickly embracing Telehealth.