April 3, 2023

Planned Electronic Medical Record (EMR) downtime, 26th – 27th April 2023

On 26th April 2023, the EMR Phase 2.1 functionality will be migrated to a new domain in preparation for the July Go-Live.

This migration of the EMR Phase 2.1 functionality requires an EMR downtime which will commence at 8:00pm on Wednesday 26th April. The downtime is currently estimated to last 16 hours, until 12:00pm (noon) on Thursday 27th April.

The timing of this downtime has been decided upon by the EMR Phase 2.1 Operations Implementation Committee, which includes senior members of the Operations Directorate.

The planned downtime will proceed as follows:

Date Time Frame Outage Description
26th April 2023 19.30 – 20.00 EMR users will receive log off warnings before being forced to log off 30, 15, 10 minute warnings will be displayed to remind EMR users of the upcoming downtime.

5 and 1 minute warnings will remind staff to save their work and log off

Users will be forced to log off at 20.00 if they are in the EMR

26th April 2023 19.45 Announcement made to prepare for downtime Nurse / Midwife In-Charge conduct final check and prepare the Downtime Viewer and Printer prior to downtime
26th April 2023 20.00 Announcement made that EMR downtime has commenced EMR Downtime Procedures
27th April 2023 12.00 EMR resumes, business as usual Users can access and operate the EMR


The ‘EMR Business Continuity Plan’ will support clinicians for the duration of the downtime to mitigate disruption to clinical services. Clinical areas have been asked to review their Business Continuity Plans and step through an ‘EMR Downtime Preparedness Assessment’ to highlight any items that need attention prior to the downtime and to ensure staff are familiar with the downtime procedures.  These documents are available on the EMR Downtime Procedures page of this site.

A short 15 minute online WeLearn lesson provides a valuable overview of Western Health’s EMR downtime procedures. Search ‘EMR Downtime Procedures’ on WeLearn to complete this lesson.

Q & A drop in sessions have been scheduled via zoom for Monday 24th April and Wednesday 26th April from 12.30pm to 1:00pm.  All staff are welcome to drop in with any downtime queries.  Click here to access a session via zoom

Following the downtime, the Nurse/Midwife in charge will lead and ensure the completion of the uptime activities. This will involve transcription of some clinical information on paper back into the EMR. These uptime activities are detailed in discipline specific EMR Planned Downtime Action Cards which are available on the EMR Downtime Procedures page of this site.

This transition back to the EMR will be supported by a roving Transition Support Team who will deploy team members to areas requiring further support. This team can be contacted on 0466 247 173.

Some disciplines may see some minor differences in the appearance of the EMR following the downtime. This will be confirmed with each discipline.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation as we undertake this critical body of work. If you have any queries please contact Alison Qvist – Alison.Qvist@wh.org.au

April 3, 2023

Planned Electronic Medical Record (EMR) downtime, 26th – 27th April 2023