June 19, 2024

Viewing Next of Kin details in the EMR

The Digital Health team has improved the accessibility of Next of Kin (NOK) details in the EMR. You can now view these details in the “GP and Next of Kin Information” section in the Table of Contents.

Please refer to the updated Quick Reference Guide below for methods to view patient NOK contact details within the EMR.

Important points:

  • iPM remains the source of truth for patient contacts, including NOK details, and may include important information not visible in the EMR.
  • Display limitation: The EMR will only display the primary NOK (contact 1) details. For additional contact types such as Foster Carer or ICU Spokesperson, etc, please refer to iPM.
  • Updates: If the NOK is updated in IPM, all EMR encounters will reflect the updated information. There is no ‘historical snapshot’ of NOK in the EMR.
  • Displayed information: NOK information in the EMR includes Relationship, Address, Email and Phone contact. It does not display other information such as Date of Birth, Sex, Language etc.


  • Check for alerts in the EMR regarding Legal Guardians, substitute Medical Treatment Decision Maker or the Presence of an Advanced Care Directive.  Review the relevant paperwork in BOSSnet.
  • If this information is not readily available or you have queries about other patient related contacts, please consult with the Nurse in Charge / clerical staff for assistance.

Quick Reference Guide

Page last updated: 3 July 2024