July 11, 2023

Footscray joins the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live!

The rollout of the EMR Phase 2.1 functionality is continuing, with the Footscray Hospital Emergency Department now documenting care for new patients in FirstNet (EMR) and the Footscray Hospital Intensive Care Unit’s transition to documenting patient care in the EMR underway. 

After the Williamstown Hospital Emergency Department kicked off the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live on Sunday, staff at Footscray Hospital were eagerly waiting to begin using the new system this morning. 

Extensive onsite coverage by the EMR Supers Users has covered Footscray Hospital in a sea of blue today. See below for photos of today’s Go-Live. 

Tomorrow is the Go-Live for theatres, Day Procedure Unit and Cath Lab across Williamstown, Sunshine – including Joan Kirner, and Footscray Hospitals. This includes Passport to Surgery and the Cath Lab Pre-procedure Checklist.

The anaesthesia EMR module will Go-Live at Footscray Hospital tomorrow as planned. A phased Go-Live of this module will occur over the next few days across the other EMR sites. This will not impact on the theatres Go-Live.

EMR key messages for today: 

  • iPM remains the source of truth for Next of Kin 
  • Please don’t wait until the end of a shift to seek out an EMR Super User or contact the Service Desk. If we need a little time to resolve your query, we want to do so while you are still onsite 
  • If you have a query during the Go-Live, please seek out the following supports  
    1. Refer to the Digital Health information site for Quick Reference Guides
    2. Look for an EMR Super User wearing a blue top or blue badge
    3. Contact the Western Health Service Desk for 24/7 EMR support from 7:00am on Sunday 9th July until 7:00pm Sunday 30th July

Phone:  ext 56777 – when prompted press 1 for EMR 

Email:    servicedesk@wh.org.au 

Self Service Portal: servicedesk.wh.org.au 

9:58am – Footscray ED ready to Go-Live


10:00am –The official announcement – Footscray ED live on FirstNet (EMR)!

The first patient transitioned to the EMR in ICU

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