October 4, 2022

EMR Super User News – First edition!


To all Western Health EMR Super Users, welcome to the first edition of a monthly newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with all you need to know to support your colleagues to safely and effectively use the current EMR system, and what you can do to start getting ready for EMR Phase 2.1.

We have you listed as a Super User for a previous WH Digital Health implementation and we’d really love to have you participate again for EMR Phase 2.1.

As we are getting ready to confirm our Super Users for EMR Phase 2.1 – please complete this short online form so that we can ensure we have all the correct details in our database and so that we can be sure you’d like to remain as a Super User for EMR Phase 2.1. Please use MS Edge or Chrome to open this form

  • It’s time to get ready for EMR Phase 2.1

    Now is the time for you as Super Users to start thinking about what role you will play as we get ready for this large expansion of our EMR system. Some of you may feel a little ‘out of the loop’ about what’s coming with EMR Phase 2.1, but don’t worry – there will be plenty of opportunities to find out more!

    A good place to start is the Digital Health Information Site – the EMR Phase 2 section has a great overview of the vision and scope of the project, stream-specific content, and lots of videos and slides in the Presentations Page.

    EMR Phase 2.1 Information Session

    All current Super Users are invited to attend an EMR Phase 2.1 Super Users information session (via Zoom) on Tuesday, 25th October from 2:30 -3pm.

    At this session, you will learn about:

    • An overview of EMR Phase 2.1 and the Super User Program
    • The EMR Phase 2.1 training program (and get a sneak-peak!)

    You can join the session via this Zoom link, or look out for the invitation in your inbox!

    Have you joined the Change Champion Network?

    We encourage all of you to join the EMR Change Champion Network to hear more about the changes coming with EMR Phase 2.1. You are able to be both a change champion and super user – in fact this is the most desirable combination!

    Visit the EMR Change Champion Network page on the Digital Health Information Site to find out more and join the network. To view previous Network updates, please visit the Presentations Page on the Digital Health Information Site.

    The next Change Champion Network update will be on Wednesday, 26th of October 2-2:30pm. Our project teams will take you through a brief Patient Journey demonstration for the following streams:

    • Emergency
    • Cancer Services
    • Specialist Clinics / Ambulatory
    • Women’s & Children’s

    To sign up, please visit the EMR Change Champion Network page on the Digital Health Information Site!

    Super User training update

    Refresher Super User training for the current EMR system is scheduled monthly for nursing and midwifery staff and as required for other roles. Training is held in-person at Sunshine Hospital.

    Please visit the EMR Training page for more information, and WeLearn to book in.

    Super User training for Phase 2.1 will begin in 2023.

    Key contacts

    Key Change, Communication and Training contacts – Suggestions? Questions? Get in touch!

    Change & Implementation Lead: Emma Steele (Emma.Steele@wh.org.au)

    Digital Health Communication Manager: Nicky Cooper (nicky.cooper2@wh.org.au)

    EMR Learning & Development Manager: Barbara Lennon (barbara.lennon@wh.org.au)

Page last updated: 14 December 2022