May 2, 2023

EMR Super User News

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  • The Super User Team has grown to an impressive 1000 Super Users. Thank you for your dedication and constant feedback to promote the vision of the EMR Phase 2.1 Project 
  • Super User classroom training commenced on 11th April and we’ve had great feedback so far! A reminder that if you haven’t booked your session yet, please do so via WeLearn asap 
  • Our April Super User update session was held on Wednesday, 26th April and focussed on your role in helping your colleagues to use the EMR practice environment. You can catch up on the session by watching the recording available on the Digital Health Presentations page (password is emrphase2) 
  • Most of the the EMR Phase 2.1 WeLearn lessons are now available! Specialist Clinics lessons are being finalised and will be available shortly. For more information, please visit the Training Page of the Digital Health Information Site   
  • Tell us how you are feeling about the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live – Please complete this short survey!  

  • Supernumerary Super Users – dedicated support

    Supernumerary Super Users are the Super Users who will be released from their usual duties (or work additional shifts) to provide dedicated support to their colleagues during the Go-Live period. Supernumerary Super Users will be rostered and paid by the Digital Health team for their supernumerary shifts. 

    • The Digital Health team is working closely with divisional leaders to release Super Users to work as Supernumerary Super Users during the Go-Live Period in July 
    • Following the Go-Live period, these staff will return to their normal duties and will continue to provide EMR support to staff as a Super User 
    • Supernumerary Super Users will wear special blue Super User polo tops for easy identification 


    Get to know the Training Team!

    Our training team has recently expanded and are already hard at work delivering Super User training sessions and finalising WeLearn modules. The team has been drawn from staff from across Western Health who have a great understanding of how our organisation ‘ticks’ and can apply that to their training approach. 

    Barbara Lennon

    Learning and Development Manager 

    “ICU nursing background but have been in a Digital Health role since 2008 and have been at Western Health since 2017” 

    Kristin McCann  

    Deputy Learning and Development Manager 

    “I have been with the EMR Team since 2019 and came from a clinical background in allied health and healthcare administration.” 

    Jessica Huynh – Principal Trainer 

    “Registered Nurse/Midwife and Lactation Consultant. Have been with Western Health for 4 years.” 

    Meilisa Lengkong – EMR Trainer 

    “Dietitian by background. Digital Health Trainer for over a year at Western Health” 

    Teresa Fitzmaurice – EMR Trainer 

    I am a Nurse (background in Mental Health and AOD. I have been with EMR since 2016- Phase 1 in differing capacities. Previously worked as a CNC in Drug Health Services” 

    Dominique Holland – EMR Trainer 

    “I am a Dietitian by trade and a mad Collingwood supporter in my spare time.” 

    Katrina Camiling – EMR Trainer 

    “Before this role, I was an anesthetic and PACU nurse at JKWC Theatre. I’ve been with WH since December 2022. I used Cerner before at my prior workplace and am excited to be a part of the Digital Health team for Phase 2.1. 😊 

    Paris Crosby-Marren – EMR Trainer 

    “I joined the EMR Team as a Project Support Officer in 2019, and has now returned to be a part of Phase 2.1” 

    Lauren Thompson – EMR Trainer 

    “I started with Western Health in 2018 as an Emergency Department Clerk at Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown. In May 2021, I moved to the role of Ward Clerk Coordinator, managing the Ward Clerks across the 3 main sites. Both of these roles were within Health Support Services.” 

    Jessa Baluyot – EMR Trainer 

    I come from a Perioperative Nurse background…and I work to fund my love for food and travel!” 

    Thu Ong – EMR Trainer 

    I’m a nurse/midwife at JKWC. I have been with Western Health from 3 years.” 

    Stephanie Kennedy – EMR Trainer 

    “I have been with Western Health since 2019, starting as a Ward Clerk – working in Joan Kirner and Day Oncology. I also did a short stint as Administration Officer with the NMWU from October 2021 – July 2022. 😊” 


    Briannah – EMR Trainer       

    Bree has been with EMR Training team from last 6 years and is soon to return from Maternity Leave 


    Go-Live Launch Event – Mark your Calendars!

    Go-Live Launch Events will take place at Western Health’s four EMR Phase 2.1 sites on the following dates:


    Footscray Hospital Williamstown Hospital Sunshine Hospital Sunbury Day Hospital
    13th June – Tuesday

    2PM – 3PM

    14th June – Wednesday

    2PM – 3PM

    15th June – Thursday

    2PM – 3PM

    16th June – Friday

    2PM – 3PM


    FH Auditorium


    WTN Education Centre


    WCHRE Auditorium


    Seminar Room


    Go-Live Launch Events are an opportunity for the Digital Health team and Western Health leadership to acknowledge the significance of Super Users to the EMR Phase 2.1 project, and for us to go through some important pre-Go-Live information. This information will also be provided in writing for those who can’t attend in person.

    We will also have the blue polo tops for supernumerary Super Users to pick up at the events (polo tops for supernumerary Super Users who cannot attend in person will be distributed to their Venues of Care).


    Practice, Practice, Practice!

    Once you have completed your classroom Super User training, it will be time to practice your newly learnt skills in the EMR Practice Environment.  The EMR training team will provide you a guide with instructions to log in and use the EMR Practice Environment after you have completed Super User training. 

    Things to remember! 

    • Only practice with your assigned patients – if you use other patients in the system, it may disrupt Super User training for other staff 
    • The EMR Practice Environment is not linked to the EMR system and the patients in the Practice Environment are not real patients  
    • The system is refreshed and reset every night for more practice the next day 
    • Your non-Super User colleagues will be relying on you to help them log in to the practice environment and practice the new workflows, and teaching others is a great way to consolidate your own learning  
    • If you notice that your colleagues are struggling with the new workflows, remind them that they can book into extra face to face sessions (after they discuss with their manager) which will run throughout the month of June 
    • The practice environment is a simulated EMR environment and may look slightly different and contain less patient information compared to the real EMR environment 


    Super User Spotlight Interviews

    Eloise Silburn, Psychologist  

    “The training was really good, and great to be able to practice and walkthrough everything with the trainers. 

    “It’s going to be great to have everything all in the one place and not have to use multiple sources of information. 

    “It’s easy to use and our team is really excited for it to come in and start using it.” 


    Don Ortega, Cath Lab ANUM 

    “It’s been good to be in a small group and be able to ask questions and get feedback in the lessons straight away, I think that will really help us down the track getting familiar with the new workflows. 

    “I think Phase 2.1 will streamline what we do and help us better communicate with other areas of the hospital.” 


    Rachael Munro, Operations Manager (Clerical Workforce) 

    “The training was good. Still some things to work through, but it’s less paperwork and a more automated workflow. 

    “There’s more data, and we did a survey with the ED clerks recently and the majority are looking forward to new and more efficient programs.” 


    Coming up
    • Super communications – all you need to know about communicating with the Digital Health team and your fellow Super Users during the Go-Live period 
    • Supernumerary Super Users – what to expect 
    • Handy hints for supporting your colleagues as they prepare for Go-Live 


    The Digital Health information site is a treasure trove of great resources to get you up to speed on what’s coming with the EMR Phase 2.1 implementation 

    • The vision, timeline and scope page is great for an overview of the vision for our digital transformation and what is planned for EMR Phase 2.1 and future phases 
    • Stream-specific pages have been updated to provide detailed information on what is changing for staff who work in those areas 
    • The Presentation page contains a wide variety of content (videos and slides) from all of our project streams, including workflow recordings, patient journey presentations and monthly Digital Health update slides.  


    Questions about the Super User program?  Contact Arshpreet Dahiya (EMR Super User Lead):  

    Questions regarding EMR Phase 2.1 Training? Contact the Digital Health Learning & Development Team: 


Page last updated: 2 May 2023