May 30, 2024

Digital Health News – May 2024

This month, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Digital Health Festival in Melbourne. The room buzzed with energy as hundreds of people gathered to discuss the future of global Digital Health. I was pleasantly surprised to see many attendees from outside the healthcare sector, all sharing a common passion for shaping our digital future. 

Our presence at the Digital Health Festival is part of our focus on driving changes in our digital environment.  The horizon is filled with numerous new tools and technologies promising better health outcomes for the community and improved service provision from healthcare providers. There truly seems to be a solution for everything! 

The Digital Health team continues to focus on working with teams across Western Health and other providers to identify digital opportunities that will add value to clinical and administrative areas. Following the success of the Digital Health Medical Informatics team providing ‘at the elbow’ support to Specialist Clinics, a new EMR support phone line is being trialed for clinicians during May and June.  We’re grateful for the efforts of our dedicated clinicians who have worked collaboratively with us to deliver these positive outcomes.   

This month the project to transition to HealthLink as Western Health’s secure messaging delivery provider for clinical documentation kicked off testing, with the first Steering Committee meeting also taking place to investigate go-live readiness. The Digital Health team is collaborating with other teams across Western Health on this high-priority initiative, underscoring our commitment to deliver accurate, timely and seamless communication that supports patient care and safety.    

I look forward to working with you all as we shape Western Health’s digital future together.  

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Lily Liu 

Divisional Director, Digital Health 

  • Bacchus Marsh and Melton Digital Health Transition Project

    The Bacchus Marsh and Melton (BMM) Digital Health Transition Project is gathering momentum. As our Chief Executive Officer, Russell Harrison, announced, we have a revised project timeline and plan to go-live in November 2024. The exact go-live date will be announced closer to that time, as we prepare for operational readiness.   

    The Digital Health team appreciates the dedicated support from the teams at Bacchus Marsh and Melton as we advance BMM’s digital health journey together. 

    Our focus is on preparing BMM managers and staff for the upcoming milestones. We will hold information sessions both face-to-face and virtually throughout May and June 2024. You can find session details on the Digital Health site.  

    We are also recruiting the Digital Health Super User team who will play a crucial role in providing support leading up to, during and after the go-live period at BMM. The Digital Health Change team will work closely with BMM Managers during June to ensure that we recruit Super Users from all disciplines across BMM sites. 

    If you are interested in becoming a Digital Health Super User, please speak to your manager first and sign up here.  If you have further queries, feel free to reach out to the EMR Change Team at  

    For more information on the BMM Digital Health Transition Project, visit the Digital Health site.

    Optimisation of EMR – Specialist clinics update

    The Digital Health team is prioritising the optimisation of EMR functionality for Specialist Clinics at Western Health. In May 2024, several initiatives were completed: 

    • The Digital Health Medical Informatics team provided ‘at the elbow’ support for 20 specialist clinics, across Footscray and Sunshine hospitals. 
    • A new EMR phone line is being trialled for medical officers during May and June 2024, with support from the Digital Health Medical Informatics Officers who understand the EMR in outpatients’ settings. 
    • A pilot to improve printing efficiency continues at Footscray Hospital Level 2 and Sunshine Hospital Pod 1, aimed at saving time for clinicians.  
    • Bulk printing of patient labels, either single or full sheet, is now available for clinicians.  
    • A new outpatient outcome and orders report ensures patients have follow-up appointments and helps capture all outcomes for a clinic dates.  
    • New functionality allows for the cancellation of checked-out appointments.  
    • Ongoing improvements to VINAH are addressing system defects, reducing errors, and ensuring accurate activity data is available. 


    For a summary of all EMR updates made in May 2024, visit the new EMR Updates page. 

    Mental Health and Wellbeing Services: EMR Discovery Project update

    The Mental Health and Wellbeing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Discovery project team is nearing completion of data capture for the core set of services for both Inpatient and Community Mental Health.  

    In parallel, the team is reviewing Western Health’s current EMR workflows. This review will assess how effectively these workflows can be adapted to support mental health services. By taking this step, we aim to ensure a seamless integration of Mental Health into the existing EMR, creating a unified system for efficient and coordinated care.

    Transition of our Secure Messaging Delivery Provider

    Over the coming months Western Health will transition to HealthLink as its secure messaging delivery provider for clinical documentation. An operations-led working group has now been established to further support a successful transition.

    The Digital Health team is collaborating with other teams across Western Health on this high-priority initiative, supporting our commitment to deliver accurate, timely and seamless communication that supports patient care and safety.     

    Western Health already uses HealthLink for radiology reports and has expanded our agreement to encompass new services for transmitting clinical documentation to GP practices.  

    The project will integrate various Western Health clinical documents and associated workflows into HealthLink using a phased approach that will be reviewed by the Operations working group and confirmed next month.   

    In the meantime, the focus is on testing and encouraging GP clinics to sign-up to HealthLink, if they have not done so already.  As part of this phase, we will be working with a sample group of GP practices to test our workflows to HealthLink and ensure operational readiness.  

    We look forward to providing further updates as this important initiative progresses.  

    New Footscray Hospital

    In collaboration with other teams across Western Health, the Digital Health team is actively supporting the New Footscray Hospital project. 

    The Digital Health team is working to integrate Digital Health applications into the New Footscray Hospital. The EMR build, which commenced in mid-April 2024 is ongoing.  

    The project team has also begun assessing technology, interfaces and other digital health applications. 

    EMR training in high demand

    The Digital Health trainers have been busy during May 2024, demonstrating EMR tips and tricks to a record number of graduates, including 127 nurses and 16 allied health clinicians! 

    Our talented trainers have also teamed up with the Medical Simulation Team, conducting weekly sessions to turn Western Health’s interns into EMR experts. Key focus areas have included creating and sharing auto-text, and creating favourite orders, among others. We look forward to the interns spreading their knowledge across the organisation with each rotation. 

    With the new EMR inpatient referrals for Hospital in The Home (HITH) now up and running, Digital Health trainers have supported 18 nurses and clinicians from the Footscray and Sunshine HITH teams in transitioning to the new process. The availability of a new HITH WeLearn module complements the face-to-face training provided to the team.  

    If your team would benefit from attending a face-to-face or virtual session to enhance their EMR knowledge and boost productivity, please drop us a line at 

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