February 27, 2020

Changes to IPOCS in the EMR

All patients should have a comprehensive care IPOC, this helps to identify and manage risks associated with hospitalisation such as the risk of falls and pressure injuries.

If your patient has a fall or a pressure injury , you should also complete a falls management IPOC or a pressure injury management IPOC. These IPOCS include additional interventions to help manage the injury and promote recovery. 

The Comprehensive Care IPOC was released in November last year.  We are now releasing the updated management IPOCs that support our Comprehensive Care IPOC.


Pressure Injury Management IPOC replaces Pressure Injury Prevention and Management.

Post Falls Management IPOC replaces Falls Prevention and Management.

Modification to Interventions/Tasks in Comprehensive Care IPOC for Skin and Pressure Injury and Falls and Mobility.

Changes to Lines – Devices in Interactive View



Regional Analgesia Catheter

February 27, 2020

Changes to IPOCS in the EMR