New AMS Indication field when ordering antimicrobials

On Wednesday 24th November a new mandatory field, AMS Indication, will be added to the ordering of all antimicrobials on the EMR.

The new AMS Indication field will apply to all patient prescribed antimicrobials on the EMR, from neonates to paediatric and adults.  It will improve data collection on antimicrobial prescribing and enable the AMS team to review and improve antimicrobial use.

This field will consist of a drop down list of 20 indications:

Bite / contaminated traumatic wound Infective Exacerbation COPD
Bone/ joint Intra-abdominal infection
Cardiovascular Lower UTI – uncomplicated
Cellulitis / uncomplicated SSTI Neonatal sepsis
Central Nervous System Nosocomial pneumonia
Community Acquired Pneumonia Prophylaxis
Complicated SSTI (necrotising fasciitis) Pyelonephritis/ complicated UTI
Diabetic foot infection Reproductive tract infections
ENT + ocular Sepsis of unknown origin
Febrile neutropaenia Other: See indication


If an indication is not listed in the options, select ‘Other: See indication’ and free-text the appropriate indication in the Indication field:

Thank you in advance for your support for this enhancement.

For further information please contact Pauline Megallaa, Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist –

November 23, 2021

New AMS Indication field when ordering antimicrobials