Please note: myBeepr will no longer be used by Western Health staff from 13th October 2023.
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myBeepr is a secure communication platform specifically designed for healthcare, to use in place of unsecure platforms eg Whatsapp

The app allows staff to send each other secure messages, clinical photos and access other customised features, all whilst maintaining the privacy and security of patient health information.

myBeepr was introduced to Western Health in February 2021 as an adjunct to current communications systems and thus is not to be used to initiate referrals and will not currently be replacing the paging system.  All decisions and plans must continue to be documented in the patient’s EMR.


Easily contact other staff members at Western Health – the Live Directory feature provides you with an easily accessible contact list of all staff at Western Health that have onboarded onto the app.

On-call functionality – the On-Call feature allows staff to manage their Profile and set their display status as On-Call for their particular role and specialty.

Security and Privacy – myBeepr is end-end encrypted and the data is handled in a Privacy Law Compliant manner. This means that myBeepr can safely be used to transmit sensitive patient health information (messages and photos) for the purposes of patient care.

Send Secure Messages to a group or an individual – myBeepr allows staff to send secure messages to individuals and in a group setting (e.g. group chat amongst the care team)

Send Clinical Photographs Securely – myBeepr allows staff to take clinical photos, tag them with patient information, document consent and transmit them to other staff.

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