Meet the Digital Health Team

Please note this is just the beginning for our Meet the Digital Health Team page, with only initial key contacts listed below.  We are collecting photos and biographies for our new EMR Phase 2 Team members as they commence with us over the coming weeks and will publish our new page, featuring all team members, shortly.


Director, Lily Liu –


Digital Health Project Team

Senior Project Manager (Acting), Darren Martin –

Senior Project Manager, Brett Crouch –

Communications Manager, Nicky Cooper –

Project Manager, Samantha Young –


Informatics Officers

Chief Nursing & Midwifery Informatics Officer,  Helen Sinnott –

Acting Chief Medical Informatics Officer,  Dr Oliver Daly –

Chief Pharmacy Informatics Officer, Melissa Fodera –

Chief Allied Health Informatics Officer, Alison Qvist –

Assistant Nursing & Midwifery Informatics Officer, Kylee Ross –

Deputy Medical Informatics Officer, Dr Anthony Barberi –


EMR Phase 2 Project Managers

Perioperative and Critical Care Project Manager,  Adnan Malik  –

Emergency Medicine and Access Project Manager,  Kyrin Sandles –

Women’s & Children’s Project Manager, Denise Schembri –

Specialist Clinics Project Manager,  Emily Sanders –

Cancer Services Project Manager – under recruitment


Digital Health Technical Team

Technology Manager, Ken Atwell –

Solution Architect, Kekulu Fernando –

Technology Lead, Emerson Cambaya –

EMR Hosting Project Manager, Tony Willems –


Digital Health Operations Team

Operations Manager, Andrew May –

Learning & Development Manager, Barbara Lennon –

Clinical Workflow Lead, Min Goh –

Medication Management Lead, Jen Tiet –

Functional Team Leader – Chris Barrington-Brown –

EMR Results & Orders Lead, Mark Bailey –