November 5, 2021

Important COVID-19 Reminder

Always ensure the COVID-19 Initial Screening Tool has been completed for all inpatients.

It is imperative when you are admitting a patient that you must complete the COVID-19 Initial Screening Tool in the EMR. Instructions on how to do this are available here. 

By completing this screening tool, you will generate an Infectious Risk – COVID 19 Confirmed alert if appropriate for the patient. In the EMR, the Infectious Risk – COVID 19 Confirmed alert is an important communication tool that is being used to help staff working across our hospitals identify COVID positive patients and ensure other staff and our patients are kept safe.

If an admitted patient hasn’t had the COVID-19 Initial Screening Tool completed for the current inpatient encounter, this will continue to fire an alert whenever the chart is opened, until this task has been completed for the patient.

As an additional safety check, it’s always important to double check all the EMR alerts for your patient including their Infectious Risk – COVID 19 alerts, and ensure they are correct when reviewing your patient. Instructions on how to review COVID-19 alerts in the EMR are available here.

If you would like any further information please contact the Digital Health Team: Anthony Barberi ( or Ann Boo (