I am a migrated user but I can still see WHCN at the login page instead of WHS. Can I use this workstation?

Workstations with the WHCN domain on the login page are workstations that are yet to be migrated. You can still logon to the workstation by typing “WHS\Your User Name”.

Once logged on, please access your emails either:

  1. Through Outlook Web Access (OWA) by typing https://mail.wh.org.au in your web browser or;
  2. Double click the CORE Follow me Desktop icon on the computer and then access the Outlook application. The icon will look like this:

Other applications aside from the Outlook desktop application will continue to work even though a migrated user is using a non migrated workstation.

If you encounter this scenario, please raise a ServiceDesk ticket to help capture these missed workstations.