Why do we need to implement the changes associated with EMR Phase 2.1?

We asked Western Health clinicians for their answers.

When seeing patients in the antenatal clinic we need to use up to seven different computer programs”

 “Would be more time efficient when we don’t need to swap to another system to book outpatient appointments.”

 “Five programs are used in our emergency departments to manage and care for patients”

 “It’s difficult to search for patient information across multiple systems when triaging outpatient referrals” –Medical Officer

 “I can never find the patient’s latest ECG, I have to walk around searching for it. Why can’t it just be on the EMR?”

 “I can never read the handwritten outpatient notes, nor can I work out who has written them in order to chase up.”

 “Would like to see more functionality on the EMR including operation reports and outpatient reports.”

Last Modified: Wednesday, 16th February 2022