When will new devices be rolled out in preparation for the EMR Phase 2.1 implementation?

The EMR Phase 2.1 device rollout commenced in November 2022 with new laptops distributed to the Allied Health departments at Sunshine, Footscray and Williamstown Hospitals.

While these devices are part of the EMR phase 2.1 device roll out, clinicians will be able to use them immediately to access their current clinical systems and provide care for patients.

These were the first of almost 900 devices to be deployed across the EMR sites in the coming months, including Workstations on Wheels’, specimen printers, bluetooth barcode scanners, anaesthesia mounts and tap on/tap off units.

For further information please contact the Digital Health Technology Team – WHS-EMRTechnicalTeam@wh.org.au 

Last Modified: Wednesday, 30th November 2022