What resources are there to help me become familiar with the EMR Phase 2.1 changes?

Now that the majority of the Phase 2.1 workflows are live in the EMR, it’s time for you to consolidate your learnings and become familiar with the new functionality.  

Remember that the WeLearn training modules are always available and you can complete them as many times are you like. In addition, we recommend that you continue to use the EMR Practice Environment. 

The practice environment is a simulated EMR environment and is not linked to the EMR system that is used in everyday work – the patients in the practice environment are test ones, not real. The system is refreshed every night so the test patients are re-set for more practice the next day.  

Staff can access the Practice Environment log-in details and instructions via the Super Users from their area.   

The Digital Health Information Site is a great resource and is updated with new information regularly. In particular, the following pages will be useful as you get used to the new workflows: 

  • Quick Reference Guides – these are continually reviewed and updated to provide accurate instructions on key EMR workflows 
  • What Goes Where – these documents have been updated with Phase 2.1 information 

Last Modified: Friday, 28th July 2023