EMR Ward Overview Page now available for Allied Health

As part of the Digital Health commitment to providing a greater overview and understanding of patients at Western Health, the EMR Ward Overview Page for Nurses/Midwives is now also available for Allied Health staff.

Designed with the Nurse/Midwife In-Charge in mind, the EMR Ward Overview Page will assist Allied Health staff in providing an overview of some clinical risks and outcomes at a glance, and can also be used by ward nurses to keep track of their allocated patients.

The page provides oversight of risks and issues for each patient on the ward. It also updates in real time as data is added to the patient chart and can be customised by the user to display only the columns that are relevant for their ward/area.

The Ward Management Overview Page displays information from Interactive View, Orders and Alerts, including:


  • Patient Demographics and Patient Location
  • Isolation Status and Resus Status
  • Diagnosis Alerts and Mobility Status
  • Falls Assessment Risk and Pressure Injury Assessment Risk
  • Behaviours of Concern Assessment Risk and 4AT/Cognition Assessment Risk
  • Bowels Open IDC
  • Isolation Status Blood Glucose – Non-Lab
  • Vital Signs
  • Comments (data is entered directly into the right pane of this column)

This access is designed to provide a ‘read only overview’ for Allied Health staff to supplement their knowledge and is not to be used for two-way multidisciplinary communication.

For further information see the following QRG or contact Alison Qvist – alison.qvist@wh.org.au.

February 3, 2022

EMR Ward Overview Page now available for Allied Health