May 19, 2021

EMR Phase 2 well underway!

The Digital Health team has successfully completed the first significant event of their EMR Phase 2 journey, with Current State Validation workshops recently concluding.

The EMR Phase 2 Current State Validation was an important step towards the expanded and enhanced EMR at Western Health, with approximately 124 workshops and walkthroughs helping to provide our Cerner EMR colleagues with a clear picture of how we currently provide care at Western Health.

Lily Liu, Digital Health Director, said the fortnight of Current State Validation had been a great success and thanked all the Western Health and Cerner staff who took part.

“I’m especially grateful to the representatives of Western Health’s clinical areas for being so generous with their time and knowledge,” Lily said.  “Their valuable input has been integral in ensuring we start off at an informed point.”

As well as validating the current workflows at Western Health, the Digital Health team were also provided with a demonstration by the Cerner team of some of the modules that will be delivered as part of the EMR Phase 2 project.

Associate Professor Glyn Teale, Women’s and Children’s Clinical Service Director, took part in the Current State Validation workshops and observed several of the demonstrations and said the improvements these modules would bring was something all staff should be looking forward to.

“Anyone providing antenatal care will be well aware that the current systems are challenging to negotiate,” Glyn said.

“The demo of the antenatal facilities looked very good and many staff have been enthusing about it.”

“While we’re still 18 months away from being able to use these modules, it is exciting to see how good things will be once we get there.”

The focus for the EMR Phase 2 project now turns to a series of workshops aimed at mapping Western Health’s future EMR requirements.

For more information on Western Health’s EMR Phase 2 project please visit the EMR Phase 2 page of this site or contact

Sunshine Oncology Walkthrough
Sunshine CSSD Walkthrough
Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Newborn Services
Footscray Registration Scheduling Walkthrough
Sunshine Emergency Department Walkthrough
Sunshine Emergency Department Walkthrough
Sunshine Cath Lab Walkthrough


May 19, 2021

EMR Phase 2 well underway!